First victory for the IWW Montreal

PiquetThe Montreal chapter of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)recorded its first win against the boss Pizzédélic located on Notre Dame, in Old Montreal.

The Pizzédélic was recognized in the 1990s to be a little respectful workplace minimum labor standards, often paying its employees below the minimum wage, or refusing to pay the training of workers. It seems that their bad habits employers are not missing with the new millennium, since Pizzédélic in question systematically denies its employees to be paid overtime when they work more than 41 Maximum weekly hours defined as the law of labor standards.

Contacted by a worker of the place wanting to have his due, the IWW went to visit the restaurant for well let the boss he did not recover well.

About a dozen activists and activists came to a joyful noise inside the restaurant, and a picket line in front of the restaurant entrance. Several customers have chosen to turn back to show solidarity with our fellow cheated.

Using several delaying tactics to prevent our fellow have his due, among others by including two different employee numbers to prevent its accounting system to pay the additional rate, the boss even met its employees following the departure of our friend to try to make them sign a declaration in which they gave up in advance to get paid at the legal rate. Following our action, our comrade has been fully paid, and quickly.

Abuses of the kind are common in areas where the high turnover of labor prevent workers to organize themselves effectively against the bosses. Furthermore, in this time of economic crisis, it is clear that the working conditions and wages will suffer enormous pressure employers to be revised downwards, maintaining profit rates require a devaluation of the value of work.

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