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Mardi 12 January, Philips management Dreux brought officers to regain control of the production. vigils were also called in by management to discourage the fight.

The same day 6 Continental employees, exposed to the employer repression, were tried in court Amiens, 9 Philips Dreux employees received dismissal for gross misconduct warning letters threatening them if they did not obey the leadership of Philips.

This morning in GA, employees decided to suspend production control in solidarity with 9 workers threatened with dismissal for gross negligence.

This takeover of production is a strong symbol. Employees have proven that another industrial alternative is possible in France to preserve jobs. Philips employees have opened a new path of resistance. Preserve our businesses, Our skills, we refuse the fatality of closing boxes in cascades, the added value at work is us !!

Rogue bosses need workers. Workers need machines, of production, not bosses !!!

Despite these intimidation measures, Philips employees continue their fight in another form against the closure of the site and to preserve their jobs.

Philips isn't the only company to close or cut jobs. Total employees went on strike against the threat of closure of certain sites and job cuts. Goodyear employees in Amiens are under threat of layoffs, like those of Freescale in Toulouse and many other private companies. The public sector is also experiencing a wave of job cuts : SNCF, Hospitals, Post office, Taxes…

We must stop this hemorrhage. We can all stop the job cuts together, site closings and layoffs.

Let's make our struggles converge

It’s all together that we will win

We call on all struggling companies to follow the example of the Philips.

We employees of PHILIPS EGP DREUX, and the CGT union of the site, also call for your solidarity.

Support the struggle of PHILIPS DREUX

Broadcast all info, your donations are also welcome for our fight.

Send your donations to : CGT Philips Syndicate 1 rue de Réveillon, 28100 DREUX

To the order of the CGT Syndicate Philips Dreux

Philips wants to keep jobs, are they thugs for that !!!!!

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