Iran: Youth and working class facing a repressive regime

The workers' journal, via Iran in fight

A year ago the ruling faction kept itself in business thanks to rigged elections. From the Iranian people and their youth, despite a terrible repression, defied the regime by going out on the street, shouting at night on the roofs, going on strike.

The regime that combines all the flaws of a bureaucracy, of theocratism and capitalism has constantly lost ground through its corruption, its free-riding and inability to solve Iran's main problems. He held on by stepping into the cycle of violence against the Iranian people.

In recent times a new inflection has emerged with the executions of opponents, the imprisonments, the murders, the tortures, the imprisonments, the beatings : the “official” opposition began to weaken as the working class and youth still faced the regime. This opposition made up of theocratic dignitaries with a heavy past, become an opposition of upstarts of the system, as capitalist and as corrupt as the rulers of the country.

This inflection, in a terrible situation, where the executions continue, will count in the future. It complicates a smooth transition by a kind of Islamic democracy. It complicates a bourgeois democratic transition (like the countries of the East).

And above all she leaves the power, its militias . facing the youth who aspire to democratic freedoms, an ascending proletariat with the same aspirations and under the yoke of exploitation.

These fights, the traditions of the working class of this country, a youth that longs for its own destiny, the massive appearance of young women in the fighting, a plan without a future, the international capitalist crisis, will count in the future.

Tomorrow is extremely uncertain, the capacity of revolutionaries to organize and progress, work to build mass organizational tools, councils and unions, youth movements, the ability to fragment the repressive apparatus , will count.

The blocked course of the revolution can resume at any time.

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