In London, the good old methods of exploitation have not disappeared

After two days of strike in June to demand decent wages and the payment of their entire salary, cleaning workers at the Guildhall in London – building representing the interests of the ruling class, according to the presentation of its own website – IWWs went on strike during their working hours and then demonstrated on Friday 15 July, in front of the Guildhall. Their last pay is incomplete - on average two weeks 'wages are missing in three months' work – and despite the promises of the management of the subcontracting company Ocean Contract Cleaning London to regularize the situation nothing has been done ; these workers are also paid 5,95 £ per hour, which forces them to live below the poverty line. They also have no retirement or health insurance.

Their anger and determination over the contempt they face is also ours.

The international secretariat of the CNT-f wishes to support these striking workers. A blow against one of us and a blow against all ! International Solidarity !

This text is a press release from the CNT-f with the fight of the wobblies in London

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