complete blockage of the Mapei plant in Laval

Picket hard this morning at the Mapei factory.

Early this morning, sixty workers and workers are gone-e-s lend a hand to the workers and workers of the Mapei plant in Laval, on strike since 4 May 2012.

Specializing in the production of adhesives and chemical products for construction, Mapei is a multinational having 59 production facilities in more than 28 pays. Or, Lavaloise its subsidiary is grappling with a labor dispute that has lasted for more than a year. in addition 2012, to oppose the employer who was trampled negotiations about the collective agreement that expired in December 2011, the 115 Workers of the factory, syndicated-e-s to the CSN, went on strike. Since that time 14 months so, not only the collective agreement is still not renegotiated, Moreover, the bosses of the factory flatly started licensié of employee-s with a view to transferring the means of production to Ontario. This layoff wave has reached its appogé in August 2012 with the closure of 2 departments causing putting unemployed 43 additional workers. Remains today as 25 of the 115 Mapei workers and workers to lead the fight.

The transfer of machinery to Ontario is accentuating, production being maintained by managers and foremen to bypass the anti-scab legislation, which once again, proves we are useless and obsolete. Short, the bad faith of the employers therefore urged members of various leftist groups, including the Industrial Union of Workers and Workers (SITT-IWW), the Internationalist Workers Group (GIO) and Popular Autonomous Association of Montreal (APAM) to appear before the Mapei factory to hold a picket line hard and disrupt production. After two hours of blocking, New truck deliveries had been returned and executives were still, for the majority, held outside the building, the factory management had to resign and close the plant for the day.

Workers present for morning symbolic picket said they were very happy to receive this unexpected show of solidarity on the part of activists from left. Once again, this action proves that it is not in the courts and in the bosses office that fights are won, but rather by workers' solidarity, mobilization and direct action. An attack against one or one of us is an attack against all of us!

You will find right here a short video on the action this morning which also shows the attitude of the trade union and permanent permanent CSN in relation to solidarity and direct action.

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  1. Mario Labbé
    Mario Labbé says:

    Hats off to the workers' solidarity, which should be a common and normal practice in a class struggle which has reached the level of political tension that we know today. If we are serious about getting the membership of the working class to fight for communist ideas, we must multiply this kind of intervention. She is an example to follow in many respects, including the education through the dissemination of clear and unequivocal message. She also teaches good to the working class that the shop unionism practiced by our corrupt unions and sold to the bourgeoisie or less does not serve the interests of the working class. If the bourgeoisie, all means are good, including legal means as illegal, the reverse should also be accepted as legitimate. That is to say that the working class is also entitled to practice the same methods, and use it as-legal means as illegal. Ringer therefore a point of my capital to do comprendre à la femme et aux class masses trop peu à accepter ENCLINES Telles de Méthodes. Congratulations to this great team who made outstanding and exemplary work. This video should appear on me in combat unionism annals of Quebec. Thank you comrades and do not despair. It's only a beginning, continue the fight ! Congratulations to IWW !


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