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If the court the last few months we have unfortunately not given to our blog all the attention it deserves, it is certainly not because we chômions! This small article is intended as a summary (not exhaustive) the activities of the Union for All and All for the last month.

internal training

Two trainings were given recently to the local of the Montreal chapter of the IWW. The first, as discussion workshop, led by a graduate of the Bar and a member of the Association of Progressive Lawyers Quebec, participant.es led them to think about the limits of legalism as union action fashion. The second, which took place in September was somehow sway the first, It is the Organizing Training 101, interactive training given over two days bringing participant.es to understand and integrate the steps leading to the creation of an organizing committee at his place of work in order to implement the solidarity unionism of the IWW.


As you probably know, IWW is a union that is originally American. Thereby, volunteer members of our Translation Committee are hard work to translate the official and unofficial documents from English into French Union. Thereby, summer 2014 marks the point at last, all administrative documents of the Union was finally translated, now leaving them time to turn to lighter texts. This is a huge job was done by our members and we thank them greatly.


Your calls Paye!

Since July, we were able to help two workers from two different workplaces to fetch 2000$ due to them! what fuck, admittedly two relatively easy cases. In the first case, the mere fact that she had our support has given courage to the worker to meet with his boss to ask him his unpaid hours. The latter faces a worker fully aware of his rights and determined to enforce them had no choice but to bend to avoid the consequences. The second case is the story of a hardworking Drummondville whose employer refused to pay the training day under the pretext that she had ultimately not hired. The stubbornness of the employer forced us to develop an action phone-zap. That is to say an action or we invite all our members and allié.es to call the employer and the company during a period of time given to clog the lines and make any kind of possible office work. 24 hours before the start of the action, some people who could not hold, the employer the worker phoned to tell him she would pay, but felt compelled to stop these phones!

Inter solidarity

The great red banner of our local did not go unnoticed by 2014. Present in several events, the most important were probably the manifestation of No One is Illegal claiming a status for All and for All, the many demonstrations of solidarity with Palestine and more recently the demonstration against the bill 3 of 20 September, not organized an alliance of different unions in Quebec. Our members were also present and present on various picket lines to lend a hand to the strikers and locked out of various workplaces such those of the Cité de la Santé in Laval, Bathium in Longueuil and the Union of Employees and Employees of UQAM in Montreal in addition to participating in blocking the Canada Post sorting center in Repentigny in solidarity with the letter carriers menacé.es by reforming their workplace.

union organization

If Montreal to the IWW was active in several organizing campaigns, one is currently public, that is to unite under one banner workers community that are very hard touché.es by austerity measures. Our goal is to create a large common front so that they can fight and of course against the budget cuts that threaten year after year, but day to day against the abuse of certain boxes that use the sense of missionary work that inspires many of its workers who wish to finally account to help others, to urge them to work ever more for ever less.

Québec and Sherbrooke

Our Organizing Committee is proud to work closely with members of Quebec City and Sherbrooke to help them build their own Locals. The two municipalities are now equipped with a delegate and regularly hold meetings and events open to everyone. We are hopeful that these two sections will complete shortly the conditions requested by our constitution to formalize their status as independent local section of Montreal.

Some organizing campaigns internationally

Workers Baltimore franchise of fast food restaurants join Jimmy John's l’IWW Jimmy Johns Workers Union and more generally all of Industry salarié.es Food and Retail organized in the Union for All and for All (IWW Food and Retails Workers United).

Another campaign by the IWW held in Portland when 5 June, l’ensemble des canvasseurs du Oregon Restoration and Regulation of Hemp (CRRH) left their workplace to go directly to the office of the local union to sign their card and started a campaign for union recognition and the end of time during pay days and paid checks without funds.

Workers from the Minneapolis sorting center UPS decided to make their organizing campaign to public IWW in an action against police brutality following the murder of Michael Brown by Ferguson police. The organization of the sorts salarié.es center lasted for almost two years, it is for them and for us a huge step forward to see this become public campaign.

Finally, the campaign organization of workers and Starbucks workers continues to beat at full speed. If the arrival of a new framework in the New York area was not enough to set fire to the powder, the public release of a study outlining the salaries of company executives might as well do the trick.
Friday 17 October, the locale section of Sheffield (England) organizing a picket in front of the Greedy Greek Deli to oppose the dismissal Tomasz, organizer in the IWW and the Greedy Greek employee who is opposed to the many illegal practices put forth by the owner of the establishment including the obligation to work 20 unpaid hours before being hired, the theft of the tip and the use of violent language and offensive to the place of employé.es.

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