Montreal Police, Militia capital !

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As the week against police brutality is coming and that a significant social movement approach, it seems important to recall some elements of analysis needed to understand the role of the police, of all body. More precisely, we wish to mention here the various reasons that lead us to oppose the police, whoever she is, from any source, and in all situations.


Every week, every day spent in this company deadly extension further the list of injustices by a member of a police force. They are and they are private-are never to humiliate us, hurt us, we amputate, playing with our lives and those of our loved ones and our fellow-nes, even murder us if this is their pleasure.

Strangely, we find that the individual-e-s-e-s touched by these "blunders" repeatedly belong overwhelmingly to the working class, employé-e-s or not. bosses, bankers, traders and other dominant gangrene are spared this scourge. If the wage robs us every moment of our time, Police reminds us that even our own lives longer belong to us, and since they have the right to permanently deprive us.

Anyone who has participated so slightly in a social movement during its existence has probably faced-e, at one time or another, to police forces of repression. The riot police, groups tactical interventions, police stations and other law enforcement groups have sole vocation to break strikes, prevent contestation of the established order, suppress more or less violently political opponents. this violence, that of the State, still more arming police, equipping it with a neo-military technology and weapons "non-lethal", gives it the full capacity of "crowd control" virtually autonomously. There are trades, and trades, whose social utility is only to "break the protester", increasingly effective, ever faster, ever more inhumanity.

To ensure its reproduction and maintenance of its own domination, the ruling class uses two tools : ideology and violence. If ideology is diffused throughout society, and invites us to e-remain in the rank which is his, violence must bring in the right way deviant and opponents. The State, guarantor of this class of reproduction, ensures the monopoly of violence through its police. In other words, the social function of any police force is to ensure the continued domination of one class over another, or so 'soft' by simply applying the law, either by repression properly speaking. As a revolutionary union, we want to overthrow the ruling class, and therefore we strongly oppose to its dominant ideology, and its police.

Against police, build solidarity among each-e.

No justice, no peace.

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