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While Jennifer Pawluck, the militant Industrial Workers Union and Workers (SITT-IWW) has been convicted of harassment Ian Lafrenière, spokesman for the Police Department of the city of Montreal and Hamza Babou, Member of the Association for Student Solidarity Trade Union (ASSÉ) is sent to the Rivière-des-Prairies prison pending trial, it is legitimate for union to ask where does all this stop.

Recall that in the case of Jennifer Pawluck, that the injustice system called harassment, is in fact nothing but the publication on his instagram account cash 81 abonné.es, the picture of a graffiti showing the SPVM spokesperson with a bullet in the head. Pawluck did not do graffiti, she encouraged people to share the photo and she especially encouraged person to reach the safety of Lafrenière. Pierre Trudel, Professor of Law at the University of Quebec in Montreal, interviewed by The duty, worries also limits the Court is in the process of asking for freedom of expression, noting that the language codes are not the same on the internet than in real life.


On the side of Hamza Babou, Those are 14 Heads of the charges against him. Including those of armed aggression, read : throwing spray coils son in the face of an agent (it is still not clear if it is a Garda or a policeman) and breaking a court injunction banning democratically voted during raised by student associations at UQAM. Recall that the Judge Denis Laberge is not his first in terms of wrongful imprisonment. In 2003 he was sentenced to a protester 18 days in jail awaiting trial and, Despite Canadian laws, had forbidden him to present evidence in his own defense during his bail inquiry. For Véronique Robert, responsible for the defense of Babou, there is no doubt that the Court is trying to make the accused an example and that his trial is in charge of political will to crush the protest movement that takes place in Quebec.

We can not ignore that this is at best a funny coincidence, the trial Pawluk and Babou take such drastic turns in two weeks 1is May, International Day of Workers and day general strike and social push by several base unions affiliated to the Union of Industrial Workers and Workers (SITT-IWW), the National Trade Union Confederation (CSN), the Quebec Federation of Labor (FTQ), the Central of Quebec Unions (CSQ) or to the Association for Student Solidarity Trade Union (ASSÉ) in addition to numerous community groups orbiting the Red Hand Coalition.


As long as protest repression will mean it will be the most important for all workers and all workers to stand together. To remember that those who face justice today have been chosen to serve as examples and in this sense represents us all. Tomorrow it might be our turn to face justice for them and they. Because an injury to one or one of us is an insult to all and to all, Local Montreal section of the IWW-SITT appeal to your solidarity, the only weapon that we have in the fight against austerity.

When they came for the Communists,
I said nothing,
I was not a Communist.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I said nothing,
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I did not protest,
I was not Jewish.

Then they came for me,
And it was no one left to protest.

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  1. It was
    It was says:

    In fact, to my knowledge (But I could be wrong) Hamza is not even accused of breaking the injunction. The judge has made reference in court when it decided not to release Hamza, but it is a highly questionable justification since not only the court has ever proven injunction breakage (obviously, since his trial has not yet occurred!), but in fact it is not even accused. Laberge judge seems to presume the guilt of Hamza in relation to a crime of which he is not even accused.

  2. xx
    xx says:

    Hamza is not accused of breaking the injunction.
    coils, which are indeed “tear” his army of Assault charges were launched on a Garda, committed by UQAM.


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