letter of support to six suspendu.e.s comrades in Rosemont


We pay tribute to all the actors and actresses from all over Quebec for the colossal mobilization held on May 1 : only real day of workers'. It is the fruit of our labor and sacrifice of time in our lives that the entire operation of the company is possible and that wealth is created and nothing else. Without us , nothing would. So a huge thank you for all the work done on a daily basis, recognized or not, all sectors combined.

Sadly, if this day had the happy consequence of forging bonds of friendship and exercising our balance of power against the patronage, which is one of the objectives of direct action so dear to our union, on the other hand, six of our fellow Rosemont College teachers were suspended for enforcing their strike mandate, which was adopted by a very large majority of members.: only legitimate authority in a union.

Hereby , we would first like to show our deep solidarity as well as our unconditional support towards all the dissident people who exist within the company, you are not alone, but especially towards these six teachers who are unfairly subjected to these measures. We congratulate you on your courage and determination to uphold your "right" to strike.; is it still possible to name it that way?!? You are examples to follow and we hope that more people will stand up like you through this long struggle against austerity that your unions and students have rightly praised..

We strongly condemn these purely arbitrary suspensions and demand that these workers be reinstated in their shifts on Monday.. These teachers did absolutely nothing wrong. They used their inalienable right to strike when the attempt at dialogue failed between the parties, which is very clearly the case with the current government which passes the chainsaw in the little social safety net that we have left. What good use is a right when you have to ask permission from any commission to make use of it?? Does a right have real value only when it is exercised freely and independently? And in the event that you have to wait for permission from any authority to use it, Doesn't this sound more like a privilege than a right? And optionally , since when did we collectively decide that it was up to the master to decide where and when we could challenge him?

An illegal strike, it does not exist. Or rather , it only exists in the minds of those who benefit from such a legalistic system, who let's face it, offers us a striking example of its limits.

We also reiterate our position that workers have absolutely nothing to do with the bosses and reaffirm the importance of combat unionism in order to arm ourselves with an adequate balance of power in the face of disproportionate power. that admistrators of all kinds take over our lives. The strategic partnership between employees and bosses is an illusion regardless of the cognitive dissonance that sentimalism may provoke towards them over the years spent in their proximity.. In the event that you decide to exercise your rights, they would turn against you and betray you without scruple and this example is a concrete proof of that. “

Solidarity and may the struggle continue!

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