Press release – 1er May 2015 You ITS-IWW

Thousands of workers from the base showed, blocked and disrupted the economy throughout the day from May 1 2015. We were very many-its to oppose the Liberal government project and challenge the austerity measures that it hopes to impose. May 1st International Day of Workers' Struggle 2015 was a great success.

Many highways have been blocked, dozens of disruptive and blocking actions were carried out such as occupations of banks and construction sites. Several direct actions were also made the night before May Day. The Industrial Workers Union/Industrial workers of the world, from Montreal (SIT/ IWW) took part in this day of combat by multiplying the actions and disturbances. From the morning, the SITT-IWW Montreal has blocked the municipal services of the city of Montreal in support of blue-collar workers in struggle, an economic block was also made by blocking the parking control service. SITT-IWW then marched alongside dozens of social groups and unions at the downtown protest of the Coalition Opposing the Pricing and Privatization of Social Services (« Coalition Main Rouge »).

During the afternoon, the SITT-IWW organized a strike zone with a union BBQ, in addition to blocking Brébeuf, the street where our offices are located. Ensuite, we joined the family demonstration in the neighborhoods which descended the city from Villeray and marched alongside social groups on strike as well as with the teachers against the rise (PCLH) , before finally joining the anti-capitalist demonstration of May Day organized by the CLAC.

THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES ! . This day was only a premise. This was not an isolated moment, but a step that is part of a larger perspective ; that of the struggle of the working class against employers and capitalism. This day demonstrates the strength and capacity for self-organization of workers. If what was done for a day was multiplied on the scale of a week, even a month, no government, no repression could resist our struggle for our emancipation. The will to put an end to our exploitation will not stop in this 2 May ! On the contrary, the struggle will continue and intensify. The political class and the economic elite may be worried. We will change the rules of the game and intend to destroy their class privileges, bring down capitalism and the polluting society, patriarchal, colonial and racist which characterizes it.

Their repressive policies cannot kill our dreams of a fairer and more equal society.. To the conservative slogan "Equal work, equal pay! », our banners must oppose the revolutionary slogan "Down with wage labor! ». The struggle continues ! See you soon, in the street.


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