Class struggle and protection of animals

Note: Les views expressed in this article are those of the author-e and should not be considered as official statements of the IWW-SITT.

Recently, an article had reported the situation in which live horses pulling carriages of Montreal and had updated the abuse that lived them. To follow, a group for the protection of animals had therefore organized a demonstration against the carriages in Montreal. It was a peaceful demonstration that was intended in response to unhealthy conditions and establishments where these animals live.

Until there, it means that if the horses live in poor conditions, should not bear the fact that they are forced to work in these. On the other hand, the organizers had well have a nice message, people who were left in the window of the protester-e-s that day, these are not the owners of the teams that push drivers to leave the horses in the heatwave, is the boss of these workers, but the drivers and blankets and they themselves.

About this event, we have seen before, during and after the event, hate messages to the drivers. We have seen videos in which e-s-manifesting the insult. We saw people filming someone who speaks of organization among workers ; of a strike, publish on Facebook and insult because so SEE, people who earn their living by being drawn carriage driver, it should not have the right to organize, it should lose their jobs. This kind of act, it is an attack against the workers, it is a gesture that could harm someone's life-e, making him lose his job.

The Industrial Union of Workers and Workers, we have a member who is check, who makes a living at tourists strolling through a city X. The user is in the same class we ; it must work for a living, it has to sell its labor power to successfully pay rent, its electricity, groceries, etc. At least he is lucky, he was not freaking burgers 5 days a week to live ; he has a job that allows him to take care of a horse, he loves deeply because he would not do this job if his pleasure in life was to mistreat animals ; he could do it quietly at home, with a paid job.

This history of anti carriage event, who finished anti coachmen, reminded me of the whole theory of secondarisation struggles that vegans out when we continually eat meat. In an approach where human beings are superior to animals because he thinks, it is easy to answer that the human lives of the poor conditions, heat / minimum wage / 16 hr day / etc., premium on animals that also live. Except it, ami vegan, you have already heard and it will tell you nothing, you see more often than animals as equal to humans. As a vegan, I'll meet you on the same field as you. Just as the welfare of workers should not take precedence over animal welfare, the well being of the latter should not take precedence over the welfare of workers. If that horse goes well we put someone who already has a hard time making a living in the shit, we won anything. Your fight is not worth anything if to win it requires that people have a hard time to lodge and feed.

My comrade check IWW said something quite relevant for the situation in which the horses live : "As to the more fundamental question of whether it is operated beings, slave ... I would say yes, the same as you and me, with the exception of investors and political elites. "We're all slaves and all of our condition Workers. Instead of determining which is the best-of-th by the job that she occupies, instead of saying "you should not have a job because you operated animals", we should rather come together under one banner and fight against the real parasites ; employers, capitalism, so you might need to "exploit" the horses in question. Organizing between people of the same class used to advance the claims common front, it allows to advance greener lines, feminists, from the perspective of animal protection, etc. our workplaces. It is being fixed we can reverse the balance of power of the ruling class. The more we are united, more fighting is strong and less one is helpless in the face that imposes those who lead us, more opportunities for action are large.

Secondarisation struggles, it goes both ways. If your veganism that you place the class struggle in the background, you make secondarisation. It's not because you eat a veggie burger A&W you are left ; this company still pays its employee-s minimum wage as she owes them thousands of profits it makes on their back a year. So if you think it's right, eat a veggie burger at A&W, be revolutionary, I do not want to be part of your revolution.

A revolution is not made by a few enlightened individuals-e-s, but by the force of a class, she therefore asked to build bridges rather than draw stones.

Remember that you are fighting more than your own fight. You are fighting for the entire working class and you must stand together –‘’Big Bill’’ Haywood


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