Against the work that kills

Note: Les views expressed in this article are those of the author-e and should not be considered as official statements of the IWW-SITT.

Today the site of the Champlain Bridge a worker fell under the parapet of the pier to dive into the waters of the St. Lawrence River. The platform on which it was sold, his three comrades have been spared. The site is closed until further notice. The body was fished out in the early evening.


Credit : SITT-IWW

The worker was hiring Group TNT, the biggest player in the civil engineering sector in Quebec, Consolidated conglomerate of several years of restructuring from one environment to the damaged reputation.

This is a TNT site, as well, there is about a month, the 20 August, a worker had a fall of ten meters where the works are located in the Bonaventure. That same day, an employee of a subcontractor G.T.S. the construction of the Ville-Marie highway fell into a "shaft" of hollow concrete 16 feet. Both have fared living. The story does not say later.

These workers have no names. Le Journal de Montreal published the accident this afternoon in the various facts. However, tonight, how many thousands of workers and construction workers, their relatives and the public have shuddered at the thought of what happened when the worker "took back" with his cape boots worse tools. Y 'fell like scrap in the garbage chute. Y 'is not recovered.

I'm mad. A dull anger. Against the absurd death of a panic that paralyzed. Lives on hold of those who remain and who will return to finish the work. Finish chipper concrete messed up our tired bridges. For patcher that the arteries are between the city and its dormitories. A job where the timing of contractors that work must move faster. Whatever the price, it is clear.

I'm tabarnak. Against the ultimate dispossession of stolen time by these deadly works of industrial infrastructure. The employee and the employee who exchange their body and vitality to then be eaten-e-s by the product of their labor. There's a revolting obscenity to see mingle iron, cement, shavings and blood.

while one patch viaducts, bridges and cracked citadels of America, everyone dies. People die of tanks accidents, die of stress worse pollution. Die at work. Die of fear.

What is shocking is that the death is done at work is that it occurs at a time when the worker or the worker does not belong entirely. This death is not as hers. It was indeed killed.

A person sees his destiny compelled to serve the prosperity of others to survive and that she thus loses life. In such circumstances, does this not by murder ?


Credit : SITT-IWW

Not at work kills ! cry the unions. Even those who are accused of slowing down, making unrealistic demands. Will you tell me how you live reality that is deemed genocidal gear realistic industrial capitalism ? "You z'êtes not tired of dying band caves! », said the poet.

Tomorrow morning, the site of the repair of the Champlain Bridge will be closed to allow the investigation of the CSST (Workplace Health and safety work), du MoU (Ministry of Transportation of Quebec) and Public Safety to take its course. We will try to determine the causes of death accident that claimed the life of a worker and splashed a lot of people passing. We will determine the "boot crushes a man's face, forever "Orwell was badly laces tied.

In my opinion, it is a cursed pack of sites that should be closed tomorrow. Because it is a death too. Because nobody deserves it. Because it would get fed that it is always the white helmets that reap profits, worse we who end up at the bottom of the scaffold.

Because an attack against one-e, it is an attack against all and all.
Not at work kills !

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