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Solidarity and Immigration : a tract against Islamophobia

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Note: Les views expressed in this article are those of the author-e and should not be considered as official statements of the IWW-SITT.

In these times strongly influenced by the austerity measures around the world, many find themselves in precarious situations whose gravity reminds us that of the Second World War. As was the case at this event and as is the case of major devastating events, we stick together and do our best to show our solidarity with our brothers and sisters of different backgrounds. So why are we not in solidarity with the e-s-refugee Syria ?

Whether Muslim-e-s, of Christian do-s, atheists, these people are first and foremost human beings and it is our duty to help them in their struggle for democracy and better living conditions. Spread the word, as Quebeckers, we are first and foremost everyone of immigrant-e-s. There he really such a difference between coming there to this 400 years or just a few days ?

We preach freedom of expression, to the point that some-e-s of us refuse Bill 59, but after one is offended by the fact that a woman uses his freedom of expression to wear a veil ? If you fear that this woman is not able to free himself as he pleases, therefore encourage education, the same one where the government cut and cut without really thinking about the consequences this will have on our children.

And how future generations will live with polluted air ? Since the beginning of the year, there have already been more 30 000 deaths caused by natural disasters, whereas 2014, they amounted to 800 ...

However, debate that seems to be all the rage for the elections, it is the veil. Because, even though crime rates are falling, even if we have very low incidences of terrorism here, and even less related to Islam, Islamophobic propaganda made a much better campaign than talking of the basic business.

Let's put aside the hate ignorance and propaganda may lead, we do not want to cause a genocide of an ethnic group as was the case with the Jewish genocide, or the genocide in Rwanda, for example. Beneath our skin color, and beyond our beliefs, we are all and all human beings then act accordingly !

Solidarity !

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