Workers and community workers, disposable after use?

Audrey testimony, appeared in the first volume of The Social, in March 2014.

I started to work for the employer, which will be discussed in this testimony, the 3 September 2013. I was a full-time employee, contractual, more permanent, in relation to renewals of grants awarded by the different levels of government. I was a community worker for a youth center. The working atmosphere has always been stressful, overwhelming; the employer has often shown verbal aggression and contempt for employees. But I still cherished my job for the clientele I worked with. Young old people between 9 and 12 years living with various immigration issues, of poverty, existential questions, etc. My work, that’s the essence of who I am and that prevailed widely over the coordinator’s many surges of milk.

Dated 19 December 2013, I found myself on sick leave due to a recent assault against me (not in the professional context). Following the assault, I went to work, Like nothing ever happened, but especially under the adrenaline rush, until I explode a few days later. The 3 February, eve of my return to work, I receive a call from my coordinator, at 8:37 p.m. telling me that my services were no longer required, that my attitude towards work was negative. I am literally flabbergasted. Colleagues supported me and stood up in front of the employer, protesting that I loved my job, that I was performing my tasks adequately, even going beyond them, that I brought a lot to the team and to the young people…
One of them even raised the idea of ​​giving me a few weeks off, paid (by
that we had insurance) in order to give me full time to recover, what the coordinator de facto swept away. Some young people even wrote letters expressing how saddened they were by my departure., rien n’y fit. Even more unseemly, two weeks earlier, be the 20 January, my tenure was granted to me by the board of directors and I did not set foot on my place
between the granting of my tenure and my dismissal. After informing me, I knew they had the right to fire me if they felt that the assault I had been subjected to could jeopardize my ability to perform my duties adequately.

Although they will have to defend themselves before the Labor Standards to know why the devil did they grant me my tenure to revoke it two weeks later under
somewhat stormy patterns, I doubt they will be punished. Short, we, workers and community workers, are too often at the mercy and goodwill of our employers, at the expense of our humanity.


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  1. Patrick. Nolet
    Patrick. Nolet says:

    Diane simard a good at nothing lies and creates lots of social injustice clsc lower city Quebec she is 23:2220:2809:2117:2250 event number or police please,registered the complaint.

  2. Patrick. Nolet
    Patrick. Nolet says:

    Diane simard a good at nothing lies and creates lots of social injustice clsc lower city Quebec she is 23:2220:2809:2117:2250 police event number please,registered the complaint.

  3. Joel Richman
    Joel Richman says:

    I do agree with all of the ideas you have presented in your post. They’re very convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are too short for beginners. Could you please extend them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.


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