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IWW be unionized and be self-employed ...

I heard repeatedly questioning about the recruitment of workers or self-employed within the IWW and I would like to respond in part here.

From 1, the syndicates IWW everyone (except bosses among others), as the traveling-e-s, the prisoner-workers are or sex that are student or unemployed workers or does art gen social welfare or even anyone working in a particular industry. So why not also self. Those are, finally, the employee-s system also.

From 2, I think someone is asking for your pay, whether addressed to a client or a boss, it's the same thing. Ton client, he hires you for a given service… in short, he owes you payment for your work. It's like a very part-time boss in the end. So if he doesn't pay you, it's the same shit in the end : you work… for nothing but you have the right to your due !

From 3, the autonomous have a particular schedule. It allows them to be there for last minute or emergency actions (kind for the Fry So lately). It also allows you to make invisible stains (corrections, translations…).

The self-employed have issues specific to their jobs… specific schedules and travel, no retirement fund, no mutual insurance either and no certainty of having a salary that will finance the rent and living costs at the end of the month.

I want to talk about it today because the life of an autonomous can be precarious, and it is not necessarily a choice. From a societal point of view, we should be available 24/7 and it's even worse with new technology. Today, I have clients who freak me out for not responding to their slightest whim within the hour… Come on ?! I have no right to be with another client ? Not allowed to have a weekend off?

Apparently not… I am autonomous and I should be available all the time, being harassed by text messages (when customers find out it's a cell phone you have) and respond at any time of the day or night, I would also have to respond to emails that would have earned a fee (because taking my time) for quedal… Seriously ?!

Short, the autonomous, it is, from my point of view, a new form of exploitation. Everything should be immediate, the answers, the results. In short no, i am not a machine, I'm just a human who tried not to have bosses and inherited countless of them in the end, each more demanding than the other...

The autonomous have their place in the IWW, for me, that goes without saying.


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