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un.e testimony of a member of the IWW Quebec for the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

Here is a testimony of un.e member of the IWW-Québec:

"On this International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, I can only feel deep class solidarity with those bearing the brunt of the powerful. Myself from a poor background, I feel always in my body and my mind the weight of having to fight against the devastation and trauma inherited from this form of violence : economic violence. In my opinion, poverty n 'is not a fatality output any nature right, it is planned by the economic elite so that they retain their privileges and we have the power to stop.


As a member of the IWW Quebec, I think we should never delegate our power against an elite that is what; Politics, economic, union or intellectual. I believe that people who live their situation every day are best for making decisions having a direct impact on their lives.

We do not need any elite, or a council bosses dictate to come if our demands are legitimate or not, because what the teacher gives with one hand, it may resume on the other when he sings. It is this mindset that the IWW brought me as a trade unionist. The $ 15 / hour, 5 week holiday and 7 days of sick leave, it is a minimum for a decent life and what was right.

"No negotiation, take the money of the bosses. "

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