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Agreement at Frite Alors! Rachel

Friday 15 December 2016, the employees of Frite Alors! Rachel finally venu.es an agreement with the employer. A major shift for the Wobblies who take openly storefront in Montreal and a first for the labor movement that saw the birth of new ways to operate outside of the legal framework limitations.

We remember that the Press release send it 27 August to announce their affiliation to the Industrial Union of Workers and Workers - Industrial Workers of the World (SITT-IWW), included a list of items they wanted to see and they change their workplace. It talked among other kitchen salary increases and service, annual increases, standardization of training, a priority internally when opening new positions, a guaranteed floor of hours, of compensation for shifts in stand-by and sick leave.


The salarié.es having agreed to sign a non-disclosure agreement refused to go into details about the potential gains for their working conditions, but in a video posted on their Facebook page, Romy Rondeau-Lépine, organizer for the Union of Workers and Workers of Frite Alors, announces that "understanding the satisfied and very substantial gains have been made on many levels. "

This is a first for the IWW and all the workers of Quebec and Canada.

The Montreal Local is already recognized for its Reclaim Your Pay campaigns in addition to being extremely active with his campaign for the organization of Workers Community, the new momentum of Union of Workers and Workers of Charity Media in Education and the support of many informal organization committees which agitate and organize their workplaces, but it just happened to Frite Alors! Rachel marks a new turn. Absent for nearly 40 years the Quebec landscape, this is the first time in years 1970 the Wobblies resume officially storefront. The establishment and the public release of a first union sitting on a new organizational method, tends to prove that the Wobs of Montreal have been busy since their return in spring 2013.

There is also a first in terms of organizing methods. So, Union members of the Power Workers Frite Alors made their country completely outside the legal framework established by the Administrative Tribunal of Labour (formerly the Labour Relations Commission). Deeming it best too slow and too expensive, at worst biased, the Wobblies preferred to stick to their own based on class solidarity and direct action. Embodying the adage that "If you give a fish to a man he eat for a day. Teach a man to fish always eats ", what salarié.es of Frite Alors! won in the last month is not the result of the clever play of a lawyer or fine strategy un.e délégué.e surpayé.e, but the direct result of their energy, their involvement and their willingness.


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