Strikes against the inauguration of Trump!

If the multitude of memes and parodies of video White supremacist leader Richard Spencer, is making hit in the face, would alone suffice to justify any mobilization surrounding the famous # J20 of the inauguration of Donald Trump, Combat the Trade Union Leaders, true to its serious revolutionary nevertheless like to present you some of the strikes that marked the national day of protest against the new self-proclaimed spokesman of the working class.

It seems important to mention that self-proclamation, because if Trump was elected by only 26% roads, is to say that 74% of Americans did not vote for him. So we made the 74% of the Americans 20 January? And Clinton may have regretted, Sanders or even Stalin, here we salute the workers who organisé.es to voice their anger and refusal to support the fascist populism 45th president.

At the Port of Oakland, in California, the absence of workers forced the closure of a marine terminal, temporarily suspending the movement of ships, completely blocking the activities of loading and unloading and slowing trucking operations in such a way, a monster traffic jam took shape in the surrounding streets. According to Mike Zampa, communications director for the Port of Oakland, it is near 90% any port activity which was stopped. Citing syndiqué.es Local 10 of the'International Longshore Warehouse Union, "Trump is not the solution, it is the problem ".

usastrikeMeanwhile in Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota, janitors involved cleaning various branches of Home Depot (one counts a score in the metropolitan area), organized strike 2 hours to protest against low wages offered by the subcontractor hiring them and the political agenda for which Trump, one of America's problems would be too high wages. The day before the of theSaint Paul Federation of Teachersorganizing a demonstration calling for protection é and their families. And always in the field of education, but this time in Boston, the 375 Northeastern University Service employé.es stopped work to join the various events taking place in the city.

Even the arts joined the protest movement. So many museums like the Queens Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum in New York, le National Museum of American Indian de Washington, le Denver Art Museum ou le Boston Contemporary Art Institute, as well as numerous art galleries and theaters closed their doors to join the Art Strike which already involved more 500 film artists, music, dance and sculpture.

Recalling the numerous strike women knew that different countries during their history, there are over 4 millions of women who marched in cities across the US, dont 1 million only in Washington. in parallel, many March of Women took place in more than 600 cities around the world. The organizers of the March Womens speak for a grand total of 5 million for walkers 20 January.

If the day 20 January did not mark the General Strike that would have liked to see and, let's face it, would have been more appropriate, the many actions that took place across the United States and whose sample presented here represents only a tiny portion, nevertheless demonstrates the will to fight Ame Comrades of the Montreal Local were also in New York last week to discuss the organization and mobilization opportunities for a massive work stoppage. A meeting in which more than 80 people from different autonomous groups, union and political participated.

The struggle continues, the future is ours!


Mathieu Stakh

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