Tan-e-s to be precarious

Members of various student associations, everywhere throughout the province, relatively regular-e-s to be reminded that we must constantly strive to improve their living conditions and study. On the other hand, the student movement, although often attached with such claims, has only very rarely engaged in concrete struggles for better working conditions.

STTMAE 3.pngThis year, ASSE, with its campaign "Tan-e-s to be poor", launches an assault of making precarious students and takes a position a minimum wage 15$ /h. While we must applaud this stance, it is important to note that this claim is far from implementation within student associations.

From the outset, we stress that we support the campaign "15-5-7" of the IWW Montreal to tackle insecurity at work front. 15$ /h, to be at the poverty line and not below. 5 weeks of paid vacation per year upon hiring, to find a little time for us and generally reduce the time spent at work. 7 paid sick days per year, upon hiring, because being sick, this is not a choice. This is only a minimum wholesale in the fight to stem job insecurity. This should also be the minimum wholesale to offer when one wants to hire someone.

base, we can raise the fact that several e-s-employee hotlines student association or union education often have the 15$ of the acquired time, but not necessarily the rest. The table is really less beautiful if you look at the employee-s side cafe students (often at minimum wage) and in student unions as Coopsco. How credible is a student association that requires a measurement while not applying it in his own cafe? It is high time to remedy, and quick, if these associations are outright accomplices of the student and precarious workers.

SttmThe insecurity is far from stopping at this level in the voluntary sector in education. Indeed, the majority of jobs offered by student associations and student cafes are insecure by definition. Jobs in particular contract, often part-time, atypical jobs or on call, layoffs during the summer; While some of these measures may satisfy some workers and some workers, I must say they are, more often than, a precarious way to the employee-s. If we do not necessarily miracle solution to offer face this kind of situation, it would still be good to ask when there will hire, and not try to reproduce what is done in the current capitalist enterprise.

All these reasons are those that pushed us to organize ourselves as a Union of Workers and Workers Associative Media in Education (Sttm). Indeed, like several student associations, we believe in fighting unionism to assert our claims and we want to organize to improve our living conditions. For us, it's time to fight insecurity even in our present progressive circles. We also adhere to a revolutionary vision of syndicalism that allows, now, organize tomorrow's society in the shell of the old.

Because we also, your employee-s, are tanned-e-s to be poor!

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