Statement SITT-IWW against the measures Trump.

Statement SITT-IWW against the travel ban for, introduced by Trump. Submitted on Monday 6 February 2017 at 18:51

The SITT-IWW is a union for all workers and all workers who opposes all forms of discrimination. So, we are absolutely against the recent travel ban introduced by Trump and aimed Muslims and Muslim. This step towards official discrimination is an attack against all of us. The SITT-IWW has as goal to organize and build a strong network for workers and the most vulnerable workers, which included low-income workers and immigrants. We are affected by the massive resistance that was born immediately after the ban, as, for example, to see so many people show their displeasure at airports across the country. We are particularly proud of the workers of the company New York Taxis, that interrupted service at John F Airport. Kennedy, but also employé.es airlines refused to support the ban. We feel that all sane people understand that we must stand together until all the have the right to enter the country without fear of reprisal or persecution. This solidarity between proletarians is our best weapon to repel wave of racism - we hope that this solidarity is a glimpse of what we can do. We must organize to demand the release of all incarcéré.es and to overturn the travel ban. Our power lies in solidarity. An attack against one or one of us is an attack against all and all!

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