The Cup is Full! Anger, and food event : call groups for May 1 2017!

The Industrial Union of Workers and Workers (SITT-IWW) offers a May 1 under thisgatherer me that addresses diffIt isrents problisinterreli monthIt iss : « Enough is enough! »

the coandt of living increases without arrwillt. Public services are tronçonner. People assistIt isSocial're experiencing savage attacks. There is the threata RIt isform of Labor Standards at the employer sauce that awaits us. And to add theinsult at linjure, while unions and community groups rIt isproclaim a minimum wage at 15$ of thehour, bosses and'IT IStat rIt islay : you're worth guisre more 11,25$.

As if that n'It iswas not enough, the social climate ofIt isgrade. Racist discourse have vast grandstands. They mistreat the diffIt isrence. Hate crimes against women, the and the communityIt is * Multiply LGBTQIA. We tolIt isRons not the hate speech that spread much in the mIt isdays, workplaces and our communityIt iss.

We call on workers and our ally groupsIt iss at participate at our ras-le-bol. and cis in this light that we invite you officially at to contact you at we.

Monday 1is May, 14h30 at 16h30, we will offer a community food with music and speaking out in the Center-Sud neighborhood to the park MIt isdIt isric-Martin, then we will gather to mIt istro Frontenac at 17h00 to demonstrate to the city center!


We invite groups, Unions and Associations at endorse our call andat confirm their prIt ispresence via the email address of SITT : [email protected]

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