Protest action at the Bonaventure Hotel: maybe we did not have the $ 15 / hr, but it was the pool!

Saturday 22 April at 17h, the Wobblies decided it was their turn to enjoy the finer things in life, if only for a moment! A festive occupation of the heated pool located on the roof of the Hotel Hilton Bonaventure was organized by 25 IWW members SITT-Montreal. «We came to enjoy the good things of life and remind the bourgeoisie luxury and his largesse are possible through our work."Launches immediately present an activist on site. «AT 10 days from May 1, we also wanted to speak to the class of workers' it is time to take back power over our lives.», adds it to you.

The Cup is Full! The cost of living is rising constantly. Public services are cut everywhere. Welfare recipients suffer savage attacks. There is the threat of a reform of labor standards who would benefit the employers that awaits us. And to add insult to injury, while unions and community groups are calling for a minimum wage 15$ /h, the bosses and the state answer us : you hardly worth more 11,25$. As if that was not enough, the social climate deteriorates. Racist discourse have vast grandstands. They mistreat the difference. Hate crimes against women, the and LGBTQIA community * multiply. We do not tolerate the spread of hate speech in the medias, workplaces and communities.

We call on workers and our allied groups to participate in our ras-le-bol. And it is in this light that we invite you officially to join us. Monday, May 1, from 14.30 to 16.30, we will offer a community food with music and speaking out in the Center-Sud neighborhood in Mederic Martin Park, then we will gather at the Frontenac metro at 17:00 to manifest to the city center! If today we visit the bourgeoisie where it is not out of envy or jealousy. This is because we want to remind him that we always find his way. Until the good things in life are shared equitably. Until classes are abolished. Until Workers take full advantage of the fruits of their labor until everyone has access to a heated pool in the middle of an enchanting park ! We want a rich life, not a rich life OF. See you on May 1

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