Why I manifest May 1?

Alain, retired Canada Post worker, former leader of the Union of Workers and Workers Post (sttp) and members of the IWW-SITT Montreal explains the reasons that lead him to protest next Monday for the international day of workers.

Every day he comes out of things, files, which are an insult to the working class. Corruption or what is happening now with Bombardier. The working class has reason to be tabarnak, it's them and they who snatched the most.

On May 1, it is important for me because this is the real celebration of Workers. Moreover it should be a holiday day!

Despite promises of a union renewal, for years and years, it turns around. The only possible avenue, one that would give us the balance of power, is to regain control of the working floor. It is the strength of the ISTC-IWW, the spirit of solidarity of the Wobblies.

Because the employers' strategy is to divide and conquer. Solidarity is in our DNA but it must be expressed at the base, daily on our workplaces.

The trade union confederations are able to do this job here, to return to the work floor and regain control. It became big machines, too heavy. It is made of unionism professionals so that they cost too much to mobilize the base truly.

The union members consider their organizations as an insurance company, and in fact these do almost more concerned that the legal component. Often it is long and discouraging grievance, then the base loses confidence in unions. After must be qualified, it's also good : the union members employees are still better working conditions. I believe that abolishing the labor movement would be dangerous. We must find a way to raise awareness among workers.

It is for these reasons that I like the slogan I saw our banner : «Workers in tabarnak!», it sums up what I think. There is pissed. Enough is enough!

Alain Duguay

Photo credit: The occupation of Frite Alors! by Rachel C.Martin

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