Immigration and suddenly, poor d & rsquo; here have become important

IWW to Montreal, many of us work or get involved in the community. Whether housing law, homelessness prevention, access to medical assistance for undocumented, STI prevention, defense rights to welfare recipients, etc.

There is a little over a week, a new made headlines : a wave of immigrant-
e-s-do Haitian- s began pouring United States seeking asylum and were
currently housed-e- s Olympic Stadium, result toxic political Uncle Trump.

And it was enough for the racist fears awaken. Whether through the influence of
hype with spicy sauce panic, affinity with the identity discourses or
ignorance of the subject, xenophobic reflex is quickly surfaced. And groups
far-right were quick to retrieve the new scarecrow.

Except that this time, as they are not "infected Arab dangerous Sharia", more
Instead, people of Haitian origin, welcomed the US since the earthquake
from 2010, it is difficult to invoke any war of civilizations or invasion
religious to deny their coming.

It is therefore, Ironically, poor here who served as a pretext for groups and individuals
racist : "Let's start by helping our poor before helping of others. "" Our old
are abused and we will spend money we have not welcome foreign big
fresh. "" And then we wonder why we have no money for our hospitals. »
If ever the IWW advocates open borders, antiracism and solidarity between workers and
workers, whatever their origin, these cans and dishonest arguments put us
frankly angry, voire en tabarnak. And for several reasons, we want to demolish
here and now.

First, want to put the weight of the liberal austerity policies (the sense
economic, because it means : PLQ, PQ, That, same fight…) on the shoulders of those
and those who pay as much fresh is disgusting. Let's be clear : poor people,
regardless of their country of origin, undergo class economic and political choices
dominant. The only ones who benefit cuts in public services and their
privatisation, they are the bosses and the rich.

Secondly, that there is a lack of money and that we should encourage our poor
us rather than those elsewhere, well, this is a false choice. Money, there, on a
to see the salaries and bonuses that will give our political and corporate elites, the
astronomical subsidies and financial aid given to certain companies homegrown
we (Bombardier, among others, which receives more than one billion dollars of financial aid
the State, while they put out its employee- s and that the employers pay wages
exorbitant) or the astronomical sums that we let go in paradise

Now, not only there is a buck, but rather than go and look at those who
have a bad tank barge, we prefer to leave them and go get into the pockets of
working class. The only choice we have, is to organize to retrieve this
money, and in the pockets of those who, either our rich well to us.

Thirdly, use our "poor" to require close our borders under the pretext of not
not deprive services, is frankly hypocritical. These right-wing groups, or these
reactionary people, are often the first to be scandalized about "BS",
treat social assistance recipients living as profiteers in the Company's hook,
Hopefully the food to the more precarious is cut. But the, suddenly, you'd swear that "
poor here "are a priority!

So when the community mobilizes against service cuts and for
people of all backgrounds, it is precisely against the interests closely linked to the right. And
it is normal, because the right did nothing to make class solidarity, because this
latter does not stop at skin color, a nationality, sex or gender.

Blaming ills, difficulties, that our communities are living on other people who
tear equally, rather than directing our indignation towards those who profit from our
work and our misfortunes, is not only cowardly, but a sign of political agenda


Workers and community workers, union-e-s IWW



Photo credit: radio Canada

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