Christmas at the restaurant vegan Antidote: power and dismissal of abuse by texting.

Christmas is perhaps the corner, but it will not mean that our boss will stop treating us like shit. Sarah sent us the following result of his termination and it is with all our solidarity as we publish, because as she says : "We must stick together. »

Hello, My name is Sarah and I am a student. It's a week before Christmas and instead of rejoicing for the holidays, I fear the idea of ​​finding myself in the street for the winter.

Until last Wednesday 13 December 2017, I was working as a dishwasher at the restaurant "Antidote Bouffe Vegan" and I loved it. I did my job and I got along very well with each-e- s of employee- s. When I was hired on 18 September 2017, I was just so happy at the idea of ​​not having to live in my car with my dog ​​and finally be able to find me a rent, even if I was paid the minimum wage. My former boss, Elise Bellerose, runs this restaurant with her right arm, Arielle La Jardinière. About a month before my dismissal, Arielle this was done by Élise give mission to take care of the restaurant when it is absent or spa. I think she saw in there a way to gain power and a
good reputation in the eyes of the boss.

Quietly, Arielle began to install a climate of intimidation in the restaurant, almost tou-te- s the employee- s began to receive threats of dismissal for reasons that were not valid or even true. All we did or said could be turned against us. Lorsqu'Élise came to talk to us, it was for us blame things she was not aware that by hearsay Arielle. We were walking on eggshells. Certain-e- s of us would even pretend to sympathize with Arielle for fear of losing their jobs, even if repeatedly used and myself (Once) were done deal "slut" by it, under the pretext that it was a joke. Another diver loved tou-te- s resigned because he refused to be talking like a nobody. We tried to talk to Elise, but she did not want to know.

About a week before my dismissal, I came out of the kitchen to see if there were dirty dishes in front and to go put toilet paper in the bathroom, because it's my job. This day -There, Elise was absent, but Arielle was there. On my way to the bathroom, she said : "Come here Sarah. » . Already there,I knew it was announced hurt. She then told me an arrogant tone : "Go therefore wash your little corner back!! Did not you back and deal ! »

I was really insulted and I told him that it did not report and I did not agree with the way she talks to me; especially since she has no idea of ​​the spots I have to do. About two hours later the same evening, I have three friends who came to eat at the restaurant and returning forward to pick up dirty glasses, I pass them and they ask me what is good on the menu. I pause a minute to advise and a waitress comes directly to me and told me not to do it, I have to be careful, because Arielle told her she had an eye on me and she would say to Elise I was wasting my time.

So I went back in the kitchen, I was angry and I was tired of this climate of fear in the restaurant. I decided to text my boss. A cook has advised me not to do to not lose my job. But I knew Arielle was going to tell my boss that I was working evil, then I had to defend my point. I wrote him that I
understand why Arielle had that attitude with me and that if they did not like my job at this point, I would like to be aware. She never answered, but the next morning, she hung a note in the room employee who said Arielle had as many rights it on what was happening in the restaurant during his
absence and that we had to, the employees, we "deal" with it. So I got my answer ... Never Elise, yet is the boss, has asked to speak to me or nothing. When I croisais, it's as if I never had texted him nothing. I said it was going to just stay like that.

But last Wednesday, the 13 December 2017, at 1:14 p.m. just before my shift 17:00, it is
get one from Elise text message saying the following.

" Hello Sarah, sorry to tell you this by text, Antidote but will not need to
your services. Thank you for your understanding, If you have any questions, text me. good
luck for the future. Élise. »

I could not believe that I had just lost my job like that, a snap. I obviously retexté to understand his motive, but I was never rewritten. I contacted the Labor Standards, whether I was entitled to at least a two week notice or any compensation. They said no, because it does
was not three months ... .It was missing only 5 days before it makes three months. The employee- s Antidote restaurant now stand the tight buttocks and fear losing their jobs like me. Arielle is always present there. I also fear that it refers to other employee- s.

I did an unemployment claim, but I already know that I do not have enough hours. I sold my car to the scrap, it will allow me to have at least January insured with a roof over your head, me and my faithful dog. For the rest I do not know and I admit that it scares me. I hope soon to find me another job. Thank you for reading and sil-you- Please share in large numbers, in solidarity with those who live on workplace bullying.
We must stick together. Good Bye.




Photo credit: The Huffington Post Quebec.
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  1. Joe
    Joe says:

    Really sad to read that! I do not know why, but I had always assumed that vegan restaurants were different from other. It must be due to the halo effect around veganism. Finally, it reminds me that the abuse of power are everywhere. It is true that the employees there, in general, look really stressed air.

    • Jacinthe
      Jacinthe says:

      It is probably due largely to the fact that most people confuse vegetarianism and veganism, even vegans and vegan. A vegan restaurant, it is almost impossible to establish, it would be too complicated unless he cultivates himself all its ingredients without input of animal origin. Veganism is opposed to all forms of exploitation, but veganism is simply a diet that excludes animal ingredients, for any reason and is not necessarily opposed to different forms of oppression. Antidote is not a vegan restaurant, even if what they say, this is a vegetarian restaurant.(That does not excuse anything, and of course we could also expect that people who promote veganism have a sense of ethics higher than average.)

      Also, There is no admission committee and anyone can proclaim vegan, Cosmetics adhere réellement aux valeurs et du Principles véganisme or not. Often, it's mostly a matter of "coolness", it seems so well to say vegan! And when it boasts of being really "hot", especially when running a restaurant run as is this, can swell up and believe autorisé.e to walk smaller than itself… What has frankly nothing to do with veganism and even tends to oppose it.

      • Etienne
        Etienne says:

        “A vegan restaurant, it is almost impossible to establish, it would be too complicated unless he cultivates himself all its ingredients without animal input.”

        It's anything that you say, Jacinthe. A restaurant does not need to grow their own food for vegan. It's ridiculous purism what you say. A restaurant that does not sell any animal product because it is motivated ethically to be vegan is by definition. There is no perfect veganism, it is always a question of intent and minimize our impact. This is not because I eat a banana import a poor country and who is not “Fair Trade” I'm not vegan. This divisive spirit “holier-than-thou” does not advance the cause.

  2. Simon
    Simon says:

    I work in a vegan restaurants chain and effectively, these are the same assholes that other. But as the law is on their side, it is not surprising.

  3. Marie-Eve
    Marie-Eve says:

    Sarah, if you read it, do yourself a gofundme. It's winter and I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to help you not find you out. The restaurant world is heartless.
    Love and support.

    • Carl Bechard
      Carl Bechard says:

      C sad very very sad to read that and yes it just lost me as a customer and yes if I can not help you and your faithful companion me and my husband it will make us happy Contact me by Messenger deprive
      carl Béchard 👍🏻

  4. Caroline
    Caroline says:

    Sarah, if you are available, we contact the ECJ Hochelaga-Maisonneuve looking for people 30-31 December for festivities. This is a maintenance station outside the house and one for the establishment of a room. If you're interested, passes 3440, Ontario is on the 3rd floor to give your name. (It is opposite the antidote, over the army From hi)

  5. Charlotte
    Charlotte says:

    These behaviors are really unacceptable and unjust. I who was client, I will not return.

    Besides my spouse lived the same situation last month in a well known commercial district, near Antidote (fired one morning a poor manager to whom the task was assigned by the cowardly boss who, as in the case of the patron Sarah, preferred avoided confrontation and has never given direct explanation). One of his colleagues eventually resigned shortly after, convinced that it would soon turn.

    The way Sarah recounts his experience really remember what he experienced while working there (the same kind of situations, the tensions, the silence, etc). I do not understand all these small business owners, and more so-called ethical, who are not able to respect their employees and to communicate with them when there is a problem to solve. This best explains the constant turnover. They do not deserve their employees, or their customers. At this rate, I'll end up boycotting the whole street.

    Hopefully Sarah will find a job soon, and a better experience. I wish him wholeheartedly.

  6. Sylvie
    Sylvie says:

    Wow I think it's great that Facebook can do, if every person did that wrongful dismissal, I think it well change the face of employment. Good luck Sarah, I'm sure you'll find something soon, because you seem a young woman very balanced and courageous. Sylvie hugs xx

  7. Mary
    Mary says:

    if ever, I saw it go : Our current diver will return dice studies in January and we are looking for a diver to offset hours or Tuesday and Wednesday.
    There will be more time in January as soon as the schedule of our diver will be available !
    Or : Tandem restaurant in Villeray in Montreal ( Jarry and Jean Talon Metro)
    schedule : Tuesday and Wednesday until 5:30 p.m. dice closure (midnight) !
    Want to join a dynamic team and you're not afraid to work ! You're in shape, smiling and love the Work well done ! You can présenyer in person from Tuesday to Saturday from 15:30 to 17:30 or send a CV : [email protected]


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