2018: The largest union of Germany announced an escalation of pressure tactics to week 28 hours.

While in North America, the majority of unions waging a public relations campaign and lobbying for a minimum wage 15$ /h, if possible before the cost of living exceeds the 20$ /h, German steelworkers union announced an escalation of pressure tactics to week 28 hours.

In negotiating for several months with employers, IG Metall Union had pledged not to launch any strike 31 December. The deadline has now been exceeded and employers who have shown no sign of openness concrete, the Union is about to get tough and to attack.

"Employers are best to prepare for strikes announced at the last minute if they do not change their attitude. If at the end of January they still have not changed their position, we will ConSideRst strikes 24 hours and call a general strike vote » – dit Joerg Hofmann, President of the IG Metall Union.

The industrial union requires not only wage increase 6%, more, more, reducing the work week 7 hours and without major pay cut. Recall that if the use of GrevE is rare in Germany, l’IG Metall Union, which represents 3.1 million account adhérent.es among its greatest victories of the week 5 days (1959) and the reduction of working time 40 hours (1967), then 35 hours (1995).

While economists released their usual spiel in suddenly to the defense of small and medium enterprises and speaking of a European economy that is not at its best, the union said that it was high time that the flexibility of working hours continues to serve only the employers and began to be used to improve the lives of working men and women. Greater control of schedule, greater determination and greater control over their lives, this is what the demand syndiqué.es the IG Metall Union.


Mathieu Stakh



Photo credit: http://www.industryweek.com
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