Union action following a wave of unfair dismissal at Heritage Café

Wednesday 28 February, the Montreal section of the Industrial Workers Union and Workers (SITT-IWW) started a picketing the distribution center Café Heritage, located at 5715 chemin Saint-Francois in St. Laurent. This post follows the returns of two workers, membres you SIT-IWW, for union. Several members had already called on Monday to serve the employer their dissatisfaction with this decision which goes completely against the most basic rights of workers'.


Friday 23 February, towards the end of his shift, Tessa Mascia has been convened in the office of Chief Executive Officer or she was fired unceremoniously. "The CEO gave me a letter and said that I was sent. I thought he was joking. He said no. He said it "simply coudn't", as if he were a teenager breaking with a friend from high school. "explains Tessa. The worker was nevertheless a good employee. She had one of the highest productivity among his colleagues and had been certified forklift. It's Monday 26 February Kyle Shaw Müller, another member of the union, was sent home without even seeing deliver a letter. He was called into the principal's office after he tried to convince his colleagues to ask the employer to cancel the dismissal of Tessa. "I knew I was putting myself in danger, but to be dismissed without warning for talking to someone from another returns? Mind-boggling. "


After numerous calls Monday, a picket and a meeting with the negotiators of the Union, the employer still refuses to reverse its decision illegal and thoughtless. The Industrial Union of Workers and Workers therefore called on not only to legal remedies, but the strength of all its membership (Canadian and international) for the employer to listen to reason.


The Industrial Union of Workers and Workers has several branches around the world including one in Montreal. Its members work today to build a union model based on solidarity of the working class. The Solidarity trade union is characterized aujourd & rsquo; hui by the direct struggle in workplaces, for example at Starbucks in the United States or Frite Alors! in Quebec, where working conditions improvements occurred even in the absence of a union certification. The Union is also involved in setting up the flash mob on networks in solidarity workplaces with workers victims of wage theft.


media Contact: Sylvain Mousseau 438-345-5046

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  1. […] So that's what the labor movement has to do with student politics. Their objectives and methods may vary, but the student associations have everything to gain from adopting the union model, and everything to lose by neglecting to. ASSÉ was once the most popular vehicle of this student political solidarity, but it is perhaps no longer the case today. I am not attached, I was too young to really participate in the strike 2012, but I'm not as adamantly opposed others may be. What matters to me, and for which I argue, This is a student association that lives true solidarity and that is truly able to put into action the union pressure tactics to enforce its claims. I saw him at the congress of ASSE, local organizations want to work together, they want to fight together, even those in favor of the dissolution. Coalitions of individuals could well mobilize students, but only a union approach can maintain a ratio of sizable force to bend the government. The ASSE and its members face the difficult choice of letting die a formerly powerful mobilizing tool, or bet on resuscitation of what remains of this gear. It is simply to ensure that the solidarity, she, remains alive. Who knows, ASSE and other student associations would perhaps do well to emulate what the Wobblies are in Montreal? After all it is a union model such as the ISTC-IWW which advocates solidarity in all its struggles! […]

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