Captionists and sub-Labeling Machines montréalais.e.s serving the deaf and hard of hearing community in Canada form a union

Today, the 15 mars 2018, a new community of qualifié.e.s Workers of Montreal chose to join the Industrial Union of Workers and Workers in their fight against exploitation.


Captionists and sub-office printers working for the telecommunications giant Ericsson, which produces subtitles for broadcasting in Canada and the UK, have seen the quality of their work deteriorate like their working conditions.


Ericsson Canada employé.e.s are under the direction of Red Bee Media, a UK subsidiary owned by Ericsson. Red Bee Media is responsible for producing and delivering subtitles for Corus Entertainment in Canada (Global News). This service is essential for the deaf community in Canada and it deserves the highest quality.


However, while captionists and sub-Labeling Machines Ericsson and Red Bee Media in France, in Australia, Spain and the UK are syndiqué.e.s, the company has chosen to relocate its production in North America, leaving the door wide open to exploitation. Because of unsustainable wages, long working hours, inadequate breaks and a lack of respect for workers, consumers receive a lower quality service.


Different deaf and hearing communities of Canada deserve better subtitles created by workers fatigué.e.s, affamé.e.s and lésé.e.s.


We demand that Ericsson Canada respects the norms and standards that they have set themselves in their professional code of ethics and respects the fact that "all people should be free to form and peacefully and lawfully join associations of workers of their choice and should have the right to bargain collectively" voluntarily recognize the union and by initiating proper negotiations faith.


The Industrial Union of Workers and Workers (SITT-IWW) has several branches all over the world, including the Montreal Local. These members are fighting for a union model based on strong solidarity between the working class, called solidarity unionism. This model encourages direct action on the workplace as can attest to our campaigns Ellen’s Stardust Diner New York and So-Frite! to Montreal.


The SITT-IWW is pleased to welcome our friends from Ericsson and Red Bee Media in the struggle for better working conditions.


media Contact: Selena 438-345-5046

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