The absurdity of the world: Borders

The borders and their stories

Today we speak of borders and I go already being beautiful cursed after the deportation of comrade Eleazar Canada, hein, the beautiful people of the country plusses. More, he lived in the wonderful city "sanctuary" of Denis Coderre, should perhaps tell his dogs SPVM Montreal is supposedly a city sanctuary, because they continue to deliver undocumented Canadian government. In the good old liberal bullshit.

The problem is that, one time, at the end of the Middle Ages, kingdoms have grown and started to turn into States. Worse capitalism arrived and truly flourish, he needed a strong state. Pis a State, bin it has to manage a territory, we started to create artificial boundaries to define what is called nation states (a nation state.) Although it is known from the beginning that the concept of nation state is pure bullshit, it never prevented the system in place we sell as a natural truth. Countries like France, the Italy, Spain is formed by all kinds of small tribes with dozens of different languages ​​annexed by military force. And what about Canada ? It makes sense to believe that Francophones, Anglophones and dozens of different indigenous nations, forming a beautiful large nation-state ?

Short, the nation state, it is first and foremost, a policy, an army, a customs and other repressive forces that control a given territory in the name of capitalism. It obviously creates border wars with areas contested by different countries. Just look at what is happening in Ukraine to convince with a current situation. And who says territorial dispute, War also often said. And who says war general said thousands of people from the working class who are going to fight against other thousands of people from the working class to the bourgeois and national interests that they are completely unrelated. Ha is beautiful nation !

The boundaries and Intolerance

It also creates all kinds of phenomena, like nationalism. Tse, that sense of pride in our nation state or a nation state that could create new with an independence movement. As is often said to PQ, We will have our country ! Once again, we mobilize people from the working class by making them believe that they have more common interest with their Quebec employers with workers who do not speak the same language. Because as they say the PQ, operations, IN FRENCH PLEASE ! Not for nothing, moreover, that this party ends with the boss of one of the biggest business in Quebec, coupled with one of the hole-in-chief ass like bosses.

Another phenomenon that rhymes with nationalism, is the concept of xenophobia, which becomes a hostility which his nation abroad, and it also is familiar with that the PQ with its charter of values, and as we have seen this week, his opposition to a Commission on Systemic Racism in Quebec. Everywhere in the West, we see a rise in xenophobia with an irrational fear of being invaded by refugees who are wicked bombing or starving in their country. Worse leu funny in there, it is meant Quebec rednecks tell us that we will be invaded because of immigration. Hey ! As if the French had not landed here by invading first nations, and as if Canada had always been populated by white people of European origin. Louis Riel should reversals in his grave.

The borders and capitalism

If it still continues the march of history border we arrive at years 1980 or begins to emerge the idea of ​​free trade treaties on a large scale, Therefore, the removal of borders in terms of the movement of goods. These free trade program we were also praised by none other than Jacques Parizeau and Bernard Landry, Premiers of Quebec and leader of the Parti Québécois ... ! What we must remember, it is to have free trade with countries where the minimum wage is less than 2$ time and thus move production in these countries because it is cheaper to patrons, this is a good thing. But no question that humans, them, can move freely in these zones. Oh you do not ! The merchandise, Yes, humans, they eat shit.

Decades after the implementation of these trade policies, we are well aware that our wages and working conditions simply not evolved as margins of corporate profits, they, soared like never before. Short, the only ones who enjoy this kind of politics, they are the bosses, shareholders and bankers.

Trade unionism is not restricted by borders

What to remember any of it, is that as workers, we must have an internationalist vision of our struggle. The systems that oppress us, which capitalism, are international and do not care much for religion or hair color of the oppressed person. We would have a much better balance of power if we are united-e-s, as the working class, internationally than wallowing in xenophobia and nationalism as Rambo Gauthier, for example. When you think, for example, a multinational homegrown, as Bombardier, who has no qualms about stealing public money here, outsource its jobs to Mexico and eventually increase the leadership bonuses. Do we would not stand to gain ally ourselves with the employee-s Mexican plants Bombardier to increase this company to face balance of power ? Everyone would gain, employees by, Employees of Mexico and taxpayers in general.

Short, xenophobic and other nationalist seeks only to make us adhere to a system where we have common interests with Québec employers. We have nothing in common with any boss, regardless of nationality. On the other hand, we have a lot in common with workers from all over the world. Let us not be fooled, union solidarity must not know boundaries, because our enemies are not aware. Retaliate blow for blow to multinational. Remember that our strikes would be much faster if won when a factory goes on strike in a company, dozens others follow in solidarity around the world.


Eric Sedition, for Live action.

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