Reclaim the payroll victorious in a Quebec restaurant

The 20 March, an organizer of the local section IWW Quebec got wind that a man he knew had been a victim of constructive dismissal (decrease to lack of working hours) at Le Moine Échanson on St-Jean in Quebec. Not having been officially dismissed, the worker had not received his 4%, his papers termination for unemployment and T4 (he should have received since nearly a month already, returned or not, Anyway). Furthermore, some of its hours worked still had it not been paid wages.


The worker had tried several times to get them, but in vain. The organizer offered him using IWWs and the worker immediately accepted. He was met two days later to schedule a type of campaign "Redeems your pay". Although man received payment for hours worked on the same day, his papers and his 4% still missing. The campaign was thus officially engaged.


The boss was quickly met on working hours by a group of Wobblies who handed him a letter with a few days ultimatum to surrender all his documents to the worker without which further action would take place. It does no more took to the visibly shaken boss sends all its documents to the worker and that everything ended with a victory.


Solidarity makes us strong and strong!

Max K.

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