Canada-US border: Reactionary faced by activists, Workers

Saturday 19 May, more than 150 activists from the Montreal region are gathered es to the Canada-US border to both denounce racist factions are organizing an anti-immigration protest and to challenge the legitimacy of a militarized border, introduced by the colonialists bourgeois states of the so-called "North America". Mainly using the group's organization Solidarity Across Borders, activists boarded buses to downtown Montreal (a time distance from the border), while others have made-es at the project site in car, their own.


The context for irregular crossings

The border between the United States and Canada is an issue of utmost importance for activists in the region. In addition to the deep structural problems affecting the maintenance of borders in the colonialist states, Recent flaws in some state laws motivate more refugee-es to cross the border illegally, on one side or the other. A treaty signed between Canada and the US, called "The Agreement on the Safe Third Country", stipulations qu'un réfugié-and-and in a des deux pays ne peut pas faire une demande d'asile dans l'autre, since each of the two genocidal police bourgeois states consider that both are safe enough to decide the fate of the "poor people" of this world. The exception to this rule is the 'irregular crossing', where an applicant or applicant for asylum in one country or another may go to the other and thus be treated-e if he or she makes this journey through unofficial routes. for example, crossing the border as a refugee-e hoping to apply in Canada or the US, a person will be denied entry to the country if it comes to a customs post, but not if it passes by the many paths, forests and other entry points "unofficial". These laws, as they are, encourage migrants to cross "illegally", this should not be a surprise if several families, migrant-es, refugee-es, Workers across that way.


The reaction of the extreme right

Rather than denouncing the systemic problems at the source of the problem (the bombing and destruction of homes of people living in other countries, and the violent imposition of the capitalist system of exploitation that may well kill here), reactionary factions are trying to crack the company, with the implicit blessing of the elites, to divide and conquer the class of workers. These Canadian factions themselves into paramilitary fascist militias early 20th century (with a modern varnish) almost copied point by point the language and tactics of similar groups of the extreme right, the United States and elsewhere, many of which use a dehumanizing vocabulary to talk about refugee-es, children and families fleeing hostile situations in search of a better life. these splinter groups, especially as "Storm Alliance", "The Pack" and "III% ers", trying to gain legitimacy in civil society by posing as those who demand respect "law and order", among others that may affect the average person. In reality, not only their feeble attempts at civility and legitimacy are based on false premises, but increasingly these groups are filled with a multitude of reactionaries, fascists, neo-Nazis and other assorted members of the extreme right, which are mobilizing a takeover. Other border similar events in 2017 revealed the presence of prominent neo-Nazis and fascists in Montreal these factions, including Shawn Beauvais Macdonald, who was present in Charlottesville for the notorious neo-Nazi demonstration "Unite the Right" (it is not clear if this was the 19 May Lacolle), and was also recently exposed as a member of a neo-Nazi Discord Montreal Forum, under the pseudonym of "friendly fash".


The anti-racist position of the IWW

In solidarity with all the workers and all working, Members of the branches of Montreal and Quebec of the IWW were present Saturday at the border to the against-protest. The migrant and the scourge of the migrant worker is the scourge and the worker. Contrary to reports of false news, people who illegally cross the border not only work hard (it takes courage to cross half the planet with his family), but also their precarious position puts them in an extremely vulnerable position with regard to their jobs. The refugee-es-es are operated by business owners, that can the underpay and overwork as the threat of deportation is often enough to keep total control over them and they. The IWW denounces all forms of wage slavery, particularly with respect to the most vulnerable. The members of the IWW, either individually or by quota, will continue to work in solidarity with groups that are actively involved in the radical transformation of society and the abolition of the capitalist mode of production. Whether on the border issue, counter the anti-immigrant groups, or help workers of all backgrounds to organize their workplace, IWW stands in solidarity with groups and individuals who want to build a better world from the ashes of the old. An attack against a person is an attack against all and all!


The confrontation

Finally, paramilitary neofascist cosplayers were unable to get to their destination originally scheduled, Roxham the way, that connects the US and Canada and is quite popular among those who cross illegally. These activists and present the way Roxham held, in a relatively calm and festive atmosphere. At the official Lacolle by cons, reactionaries could provide a short presence. Despite a strong presence, activists were severely attacked by the state-are the agents of oppression. Highway 15 was seized and blocked by several activists to try to stem the motorcade of racist, or at least to prevent their access to the border as such. Sadly, riot police attacked anti-racist activists, stopping on the way a fellow worker and member of the IWW Montreal. After the activists were removed es Highway, a disturbing scene ensued. The racist convoy received first class treatment by the state with a police escort. Fortunately, comrade temperature brought predict, and almost in the space of an hour, the reactionary left their protest protected by police (also including the presence of Canadian neo-fascist commentator false, « Faith Goldy ») and regained the pathetic dark corners they currently occupy in society.

Motivated by the bourgeois media and literally protected by police, the far right takes advantage of the crisis of advanced capitalism to recruit new members. It is important that as radicals and radical militant activists, that as the working class and as members of the IWW, we mobilize in solidarity with other groups to say: «No Market! The solidarity of the workers broke boundaries and states! " Till next time, the struggle continues!


Solidarity forever,

Josip B.

Photo credit: a classmate

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