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The Industrial Union of Workers and Workers, Montreal Local (SITT-IWW Montreal), in solidarity with the organizers of the against-G7, call to a union quota for demonstration Thursday 7 June 2018 next. It will take place at 18h at the Parc des Braves Quebec.
A marge you G7, we will go down to the streets to protest against this great world elite Masquerade. We will take the road again to say no ! No to global governance managed by seven puppets; Not the liberal bourgeois state that depends on the exploitation of the working class; Not the false state legitimacy reinforced by borders.

the G7, in general, represents everything for which the ISTC-IWW organizing and fighting. Justin Trudeau Donald Trump through all the other clowns in power that cooperate to facilitate the operation of the respective working class, the IWW will ally with anyone who is willing and ready to organize his workplace to undo the pay operating system on which we depend everyone.

Especially in a context of advanced capitalism, organize our workplace to improve our living conditions is more urgent than ever. Unionism is self defense : self-defense against the exploitation of bosses, against state armed arms against any systemic oppression that obeys the capitalist mode of production. The SITT-IWW wants to have a contingent of members present and present to bring to the forefront the importance of organizing. Under the banner of "One Big Union", under the banner of class solidarity, take the street. A united working class is a winning working class : Au G7!



The Solidarity Committee SITT-IWW Montreal.



The IWW Montreal, in solidarity with anti-G7 organizers, calls for a contingent to be present at anti-G7 protests in Quebec. From June 6th-9th, people will be present to collectively resist the G7 meeting taking place, where we will be able to say no! No to globalism, no to the liberal bourgeois system that relies on the exploitation of the working class world over, and no to the legitimacy of the states that these seven puppets enforce within the borders they govern.

The G7, as an organization, represents everything the IWW organizes and fights against. Whereas Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau will cooperate and collaborator to facilitate exploitation of their respective working classes, the IWW will cooperate with all whom are ready to organize workplaces to help dismantle the wage slavery system these nation states rely on. Especially in the context of late stage capitalism, organizing workplaces as an effective means to improving material conditions is as urgent as ever. Syndicalism is self-defence: self-defence from the boss’ exploitation, from the state’s paid thugs, and as a part of any systemic oppression wherein the capitalist mode of production is interwoven.

The IWW looks forward to having a contingent of members present to help discuss the importance of workplace organizing. Under the banner of one big union, under the banner of working class solidarity, a united working class is a winning working class. To G7!


In solidarity,

The Solidarity Committee of the Montreal IWW branch.

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