On strike for the planet

We are in 2019. The situation on Earth is catastrophic. The ozone layer is on track to be completely destroyed by the carbonic gasses from cars, Chemical Industry, and the push-push in cacane. Result : Earth is dying under the sun. It would eventually find a new planet move 8 billion tatas, but a providential series for children who rocked a generation of those who tatas we warned that governments and big business will never learn from their mistakes, Terran population decides to go on strike to save what is left to save.


Then in July 2017, British newspaper The Guardian published the results of a study showing that only 100 companies are responsible for more 70% of global emissions, it becomes increasingly disturbing to talk about personal choice and play the game of guilt or morals to treat ecology. If animal species are disappearing, the number of human deaths due to heat waves rising summer after summer and that our years on earth are counted, this is not because the neighbor's recycling bin is not full enough or that our colleague forgot to put his apple core compost.


Just in Montreal, there are over 150 000 of people who are joined at the foot of the Mont-Royal 15 mars 2019 to express their fears about the future and require the government and immediate actions companies. In the morning, Montreal School Board announced to have to close the doors of several of its secondary school following pressure from many students and many students who formed human chains to prevent courses take place. In several districts, the neighborhood elementary school could attend during recess or after school to children's events-e-s accompanied their teacher-e-s. Far from being confined to Montreal, there were ten actions planned across the province, including Quebec where several thousand demonstrators e-s stormed the streets. Recall that the members of 120 Student Associations from 35 different schools were on strike this Friday. These have also been able to count on the support of many citizens groups, community organizations and unions such as the IWW-SITT, Autonomous Federation of Education, CSN and the Employees' Union e-s Old Port to name a few.


Worldwide, the environmentalist wave has spread to more than 125 pays, for a total of 2083 and recorded actions but it is only the beginning! L’organisation Earth Strike, ad immediately for new protests 27 april, to build on the momentum from May 1 to strengthen ties with unions, and August 1, as rehearsal, so that the movement culminates in a Grand World General Strike to save the planet, the 27 September.


« A revolutionary ecology movement must also organize among poor and working people. With the exception of the toxics movement and the native land rights movement most U.S. environmentalists are white and privileged. This group is too invested in the system to pose it much of a threat. A revolutionary ideology in the hands of privileged people can indeed bring about some disruption and change in the system. But a revolutionary ideology in the hands of working people can bring that system to a halt. For it is the working people who have their hands on the machinery. And only by stopping the machinery of destruction can we ever hope to stop this madness. » ― Judy Bari (1947-1997), IWW et Earth First!



Photo credit: Patrick Sicotte

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