Why require a minimum wage of $22/h?

We will be told that we exaggerate : what to ask for a minimum wage of 22$ time is unrealistic, utopian or that it just doesn't make sense. Some unions have recently demanded a minimum wage at 18$ /h. This proposition, based on IRIS studies, is not interesting. As one of my comrades said: "You have to say it when the plants do a good job". So, good job also to the activists of the FTQ who towed at the Frontenac metro a few weeks ago to inform workers of the changes to the law on health and safety at work. It's important to put aside your corporate interests and reach out to people. You are several in the power stations to push in this direction, probably against the tide, don't let go.

As regards the demand for the minimum wage at 18$ /h, unfortunately it's too little. Faced with exorbitant rental costs, skyrocketing food prices, the price of gasoline that costs the eyes of the head, 18$ /h, even in the opinion of some who work for crumbs, it's not enough. Especially since the big bosses of this world have only gotten richer since the start of the pandemic. This is without mentioning the heaps of subsidies that have been distributed to private companies, leaving out the people who are pulling the most out of it.: front line workers, from the community sector to grocery stores, who had to return to work in difficult and unusual conditions. We won't talk about unemployed people either., people on social assistance, people without status and those living on the streets who have suffered the most from the pandemic and the lack of resources. The People's Organization for Social Rights has been fighting for decades for a guaranteed minimum income. It is surprising to note that this proposal is not taken into account more by the unions and political parties.. We should listen to them.

Of course, money doesn't solve everything.. But it remains one of the most essential resources to survive in this capitalist regime.. Having a good salary allows people to have a better living space, to have access to better food, to have access to small pleasures as banal as going to the cinema. Have a good salary and good working conditions, be recognized as workers or simply as a person in their own right, it’s also important for mental health and overall health. In case you don't know, the bosses and the rich live longer than the rest of us… In short, money doesn't solve everything, but lets hope to live a little better, Longer…

As you know, the IWW is not a partisan union. We have no party line. Some of our members are communists, other anarchists; some are social democrats. Although our members are free to choose their political, we will never support, as an organization, a political party, whatever. The history of parliamentarism and political parties, left and right, have demonstrated their inability to radically change the way of life of ordinary people. Worst, the leaders of the political parties have all more often than not harmed the common good through various policies put in place. On the other hand, we are a union that fights daily to improve people's living conditions through direct action and self-training. We are not perfect, but we try to propose solutions that will help the most precarious workers. Demand minimum wage 22 $ /h, and try to bring our comrades to fight for this claim, this is a solution that can help concretely, here and now, workers who need it most.

Come hit the streets with us on 1is May 2022 at the Papineau metro from 12:30 p.m. to claim, among others, minimum wage at 22$ Of time.


An original text from Community Wobs Blog

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