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The inverted pyramid

Une organisatrice et un travailleur décrivent une campagne d’action directe ayant récolté de belles victoires pour ensuite s’effondrer faute d’avoir bâtie de solides fondations. Toute personne ayant déjà suivi la formation d’organisation 101 You ITS-IWW (OT101) sera familière avec la pyramide d’organisation partagée ci-dessous. Si vous ne l’avez jamais vu ou avez besoin de vous […]

The employee activist's complaint

The employee activist's complaint:  how to fight capitalism with capitalism For a few years, we are living through a crisis of activism. Many organizations struggle to recruit and engage new members. We only have to look at our own membership rate, that fluctuates with the seasons, and the difficulties encountered when […]

How to Resist Special Back-to-Work Laws

Postal workers in Canada staged rotating strikes in early winter 2018 when, following a special law of the Federal Government, they were forced to return to work. Since that time, the negotiations were subject to arbitration, which led to two extensions. Postal workers also had […]

Why require a minimum wage of $22/h?

We will be told that we exaggerate : what to ask for a minimum wage of 22$ time is unrealistic, utopian or that it just doesn't make sense. Some unions have recently demanded a minimum wage at 18$ /h. This proposition, based on IRIS studies, is not interesting. As one of my […]


Let's find other solutions than the strike!

Rasmus Hästbacka and Kristian Falk, of the Swedish trade union SAC (Swedish Workers' Central Organization, or Central Organization of Workers of Sweden), argue for a third way between the “consensual fundamentalism” of Sweden’s dominant union bureaucracy and the “idealization” of rank-and-file strikes: we have to relearn how to put pressure on our places […]