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Let's take action !

Owen King discusses the importance of tackling specific demands early in a campaign. Unlike most unions, the SITT-IWW does not ask its members to go through the courts to obtain justice. Legally speaking, bosses never have an interest in having a union set up in their company. Several organizers […]

Guide to direct action for workers

This translation was adapted by our comrades in the Brussels branch from a pamphlet published by BossBusters, a Bay Area IWW project (San Francisco). Direct action is any form of activity that cripples the boss's ability to make a profit and forces him to give in to workers' demands.. The […]

The practice of “involuntary recognition”

(This text is a translation of “practice involuntary recognition” by Marianne Garneau) : https://organizing.work/2022/10/practice-involuntary-recognition/ A few months ago, I was in a meeting with a worker I was mentoring as an organizer. It was a person who came from the Stardust campaign in New York in which the workers had refused a […]


The inverted pyramid

An organizer and a worker describe a direct action campaign that reaped great victories and then collapsed for lack of a solid foundation. Anyone who has already taken the organizational training 101 You ITS-IWW (OT101) will be familiar with the organization pyramid shared below. If you have never seen it or need you […]