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The absurdity of the world: poaching

The Communication Committee is proud to present the first transcription chronic Action Live. To start the ball rolling, the first column of Eric, or poaching in the health sector, exceeded topic? Nothing is less sure. The sad truth is that we had the right to a raiding campaign more typical. […]


The hippies were right about one thing

A cry of agony. The child's crying. The heavy silence. The comrades of the guerrillas watch successively, seven others who fight in the climax of an armed conflict, the genocide against the Maya in Guatemala. After Spanish colonialism, acculturation and ethnocide against indigenous peoples, a culture that is already taught as […]

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Support for a general strike : not political repression in Catalonia

The IWW is in Montreal today solidarity with the population of Catalonia, our comrades of the CNT, but also with the Catalan unionists who mobilize and call for a general strike to assert the right to self-determination of the Catalan population and denounce the violence of the Spanish State. Since the announcement of a referendum […]

The rotten party boss !

As you know full well everyone, Labor Day is fast approaching. The Industrial Union of Workers and Workers (SITT-IWW) has made the decision, there two years ago, to annually organize an activity of a political nature in this statutory holiday. Historically created a popular date without meaning […]