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Employment agencies, cheap labor and misery.

As part of the event organized by the Association of Workers of placement agencies (ATTAP), an IWW member of Montreal spoke, here's what he had to say. Hello everyone, I am a member of the Industrial Workers Union and Workers, the IWW Montreal. We are here today in solidarity […]

emotional pressure and organization

by Nate. H This text is a translation of a publication Nate. H first appeared in the newspaper the industrial worker, then in the pamphlet Weakening the Dam, intituée « Emotionnal pressure and Organization Building », well known in its original version. Although it was originally written to be an organizational tool designed primarily for […]

Wobbly Lifes: My vision of the Union

Presentation Before starting, please understand that my name and the workplace will not be issued, and this, at my request and to job security purposes. I therefore only describe by saying that I am a man in his late twenties who works, without going to school, for about ten […]

Find out how to build your union!

organization of training 101. data on 2 days and French, organizational training 101 (OT-101) allows to know and practice the basics of the practice of union organization. It aims to provide the tools to organizers who can use them in their workplaces, to conduct trade union struggles in the […]