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Tan-e-s to be precarious

Members of various student associations, everywhere throughout the province, relatively regular-e-s to be reminded that we must constantly strive to improve their living conditions and study. On the other hand, the student movement, although often attached with such claims, has only very rarely engaged in concrete […]

Letter of the outgoing editor of the industrial worker

After 8 years of loyal service to the editor of the newspaper office the industrial worker (IW), the fellow worker Diane Krauthamer decided in autumn 2016 not to represent and make room for other quelqu'un.e. We transcribe here the letter it published in the latest edition of the IW and thank her warmly for everything […]


Friday 20 January and Saturday 21 January, there were many anti-trump demonstrations and anti-capitalist. When the passing by the University of Whashington in Seattle, to counter and prevent a pro-fascist speech trump Milo Yiannopoulos (white supremacist), a member of the IWW (syndicalist confederation) was shot at close range. […]

Strikes against the inauguration of Trump!

If the multitude of memes and parodies of the video white supremacist leader Richard Spencer, is making hit in the face, would alone suffice to justify any mobilization surrounding the famous # J20 of the inauguration of Donald Trump, Combat the Trade Union Leaders, true to its serious revolutionary nevertheless wishes to present […]