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Let's find other solutions than the strike!

Rasmus Hästbacka and Kristian Falk, of the Swedish trade union SAC (Swedish Workers' Central Organization, or Central Organization of Workers of Sweden), argue for a third way between the “consensual fundamentalism” of Sweden’s dominant union bureaucracy and the “idealization” of rank-and-file strikes: we have to relearn how to put pressure on our places […]

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2021 : No more surviving, let's fight to live!

As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc, un constat amer s’impose : bosses, propriétaires et politiciens en profitent pour écraser un peu plus les travailleuses et travailleurs dits essentiels, les locataires et la classe ouvrière en général. Si des mesures ont été mises en place temporairement pour éviter une crise économique catastrophiqueavec les […]

PCU and real fraudsters

At the time of this writing, The Globe and Mail just unveiled that the federal government was drafting a bill to punish "fraudsters" on the Canada Emergency Benefit, the famous ECP set up to help the millions of people suddenly finding themselves unemployed with the pandemic. Probably the amounts and […]

Special May 1: Le Communautaire Inc.

May 1 reflection 2020 on the rise of entrepreneurial management in the community environment and its consequences The mechanisms specific to entrepreneurial management seem to plague the community environment which seemed to us not so long ago by and for the community, but also sheltered from the entrepreneurial ideology. This is the case of […]