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Covid-19: Community without plexiglass

If you've taken the Montreal metro in recent days, many of you are a proletarian. You are a cook, cashier, attendant. to the interview, manufacturer, packer, clerk, waiter / waitress in a fast food restaurant, short, you are one of those workers who cannot isolate yourself because you are essential to the functioning of the […]

Rent strike

While the rent strike seems a certainty in major North American cities like Toronto, Montréal, usually if left, seems to have trouble adjusting his violins. This is not because it felt less need. On the contrary. This morning the newspaper Le Devoir revealed that the […]

Demand respect ... a bare minimum

The Montreal branch of SITT-IWW has, for a few years now, a campaign of its own and unique, launched on 8 mars 2018 on the International Day of Women's Rights. Its title is : ‘Claim Your Respect’. Partie sur l’idée de dé-macho-iser le milieu syndical et se réapproprier les luttes […]


strike record in France

On the other side of the ocean, chaque nouveau jour de grève place la barre un peu plus haute et se rapproche des records établis en Mai 68. Entering already in its fifth week of activity, le mouvement de contestation contre la réforme des régimes de retraite ayant actuellement lieu en France se place déjà comme l’un des […]

Twenty Thousand Bucks of Solidarity

Someone had heard about the IWW from a friend, got in touch with the union through the Internet and arranged to meet and discuss ways to claim a stolen salary. That’s actually how many of our Claim Your Pay campaigns begin, but our most recent one was a bit out of the ordinary. This is […]

Solidarity twenty miles dollars

Someone hears about the IWW by un.e ami.e, we contact us online and we arrange to meet and discuss ways to take to claim the stolen wages. This is how many of our start campaigns Reclaim your pay, but our most recent will is not bound to the ordinary. Story of a […]

Atelier : Know Your Rights! | What are my rights?

# A WORKSHOP FOR EMPLOYEES AND FREELANCERS IN THE GAMES INDUSTRY# UN ATELIER POUR EMPLOYÉ·ES ET PIGISTES DANS LE DOMAINE DU JEU VIDÉO Mercredi 17 July 2019, 19hNotman House (51 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal), near the St. Laurenthttps metro://www.facebook.com/events/2752751641465255/ → → (The following French) ← ← Want to understand your workplace rights in Québec? Come to […]

Fear and loathing in a center near you

I got lots of jobs to low wages. Warehouseman, employed in call centers or customer service, concierge, diver, clerk, assistant cook, seller fir, House painter, speaker, name it. In all cases, I always had bosses with varying degrees of shit. One that we dealt with when we refused moumounes […]