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When will strike?

With the International Day of Workers which is nearby, I started thinking about my job, society in general, a little while. Worse things go wrong in shop, looks like another.   Social inequalities explode for years. Our wages stagnate while our rents rise […]

Testimony : organize as bike messenger-era

Last February, 5 messagers à vélo ont été renvoyés par la compagnie QA Courier à Montréal. These messengers had refused to get on their bikes in a snowstorm because they felt it violated their right to work in safe conditions. Following their dismissal suffered, les patrons de chez […]

On strike for the planet

We are in 2019. The situation on Earth is catastrophic. The ozone layer is on track to be completely destroyed by the carbonic gasses from cars, Chemical Industry, and the push-push in cacane. Result : Earth is dying under the sun. It would eventually find a new planet move 8 billion […]

Financing the baton rather than social

We know it, our social safety net is under attack from all sides. Under pretexts as false as cheaps, the state takes responsibility away to the delight of employers. In health, in social services and education, it's hard. more each year we are asked to do less or as little. We see them […]

On the road with the Union Thugs

Health, I introduce myself, I'm a singer in the Union Thugs music group and a member of the IWW-Montreal since 2013. It has been now 2 years that we decided to launch a project that would fill both our union thirst for social justice and passion for music. Thus was born the […]

Back teaching strikes in the US

Back on last year's events Launched 22 February 2018 by teachers of high school of West Virginia, the strike of 2018 extended the faculty of Oklahoma State, d’Arizona, du Kentucky, de North Carolina, du Colorado, Washington, New York and Illinois. Although the waves […]