When will strike?

With the International Day of Workers which is nearby, I started thinking about my job, society in general, a little while. Worse things go wrong in shop, looks like another.


Social inequalities explode for years. Our wages stagnate while our rents are rising constantly. Go to a grocery store or pay the hydro bill is more an accounting period. Patrons and CEO, them, give themselves big bonuses and often even the money the state takes from our pockets to save their ass. The environment, his, during that time, continues to make good slaps to satisfy rich track Industries shareholders (U.S) disappear. Our rights as workers, it notes the willingness of courts, almost always there to make life beautiful for our boss. And to make sure to have a nice social atmosphere, add to this racist policy that only divide us while we are impoverishing.


At least macro scale, it's been a few years that I am involved and I must say that I find it difficult. Not so much the job, because I deeply love the people I coach and I work with. But it is difficult to see these people, my colleagues like e-s-participant our organization, duty to struggle against a system of increasingly violent attempt to get services or enforce rights that we are supposed to be acquired. It's tough to see more and more people into poverty while we are asked to fill statistical and respond to thick bureaucratic expectations. And rough to see my colleagues (and myself) burning at both ends to try to compensate with crumbs for a state that has nothing providential.


But it is not as isolated-e-s as you think. If my colleagues and myself is the feel we heading straight toward a wall, that means we are not alone-e-s to have ras-le-bol. Worse it forces me to think. It forces me to think that I can wait after my coordos my direction and collaborator who tell me to shut up, there is nothing to do, while they are managing it, Community. As said a comrade, we can not afford to have blurred class. Plus, it forces me to do a portrait of the situation and to wonder where we are going in general, as a society.


So, collectively, what do we do to stop these attacks? What can we do to not only stop eating the fly, but to get what is rightfully ours, either better living conditions worse the last word on how it is rolled, this society? How to use our best weapon, or solidarity?


My answer is this : a complete shutdown of the machine (and all smaller), to bend the government and our boss, try the general strike.


And I fantasizing too (I hope). In 2014, several groups, including the IWW and community groups, including the Coalition Red Hand, called for a general strike on May 1 2015. For one year, activist-e-s of the IWW and community groups have organized meetings, multiplied times when to meet to work together and prepare for a day of general strike. Many student associations and some unions, including education, followed suit. The context lent itself well : the public sector fell by negotiation and cutbacks were the common enemy. The word "austerity" has been on the map.


The current context differences and similarities. always subject to the same policies that favor the class of bosses. There is a new provincial government in, which continues to set foot in the flat and was quick to show his contempt for workers (we only think of Legault words about the lockout ABI, a boss it's still a boss).


Next year, the public sector is back in negotiation. Nurses have demonstrated for over a year their widespread disgust. The CAQ s'attaque enseignant aux-and-s, whether through his bill on religious symbols or their obsession with creating nursery 4 years, while there is a glaring lack of staff to fill these future positions, as undesired or election promise. Student associations have changed, but the movement for internship remuneration of talk.


But OK, for a general strike, must the world to launch the ball. worse especially, have a more combative speech and more inclusive than the unions, always ready to address to keep social peace.


No one is boasting, I think we can agree that workers and activists of the Community have proven more than once their ability to brew and shit (he) mobilize. Despite the elephant what the public and the attention he held during negotiations, Community could well launch a call to action for a strike in the community and thereby invite its allies in organized labor and students to do the same. Especially as nurses and teachers also seem disgusted their conditions, there would be beautiful alliances on standalone basis to.


The Red Hand Coalition and the Coalition of May 1 2015 had demonstrated their ability to join different groups and create links 2014-2015. These same groups once mobilized opted for actions within their means. Illegal strikes in more than ten colleges, disruption of economic activities in certain regions, Student strikes, of transport routes blocked; ministerial office occupations by one, demonstrations and there, what a general strike.


There is no magic formula to mobilize or obtain earnings. I do not claim to have a perfect game plan, others have better analysis and surely know best how the strongest could spank. But I am a community worker and union activist sickened, worse when I look exhausted colleagues, the burn outs that build worst in the world in general snatch more, I can not help but wonder, in 2020, in community, it is triggered when the strike?



A member of the Community Committee of the IWW Montreal.

Demonstration of May 1 2018: record

There is exactly one week began the May 1st demonstration of the IWW in SITT-Parc-Extension. Once more, workers of Montreal where present at the rendezvous, to celebrate our solidarity and claim a better world.


A picnic provided by the wonderful activists of Bouffe against fascism allowed us to regale us before starting our walk. This is an opportunity for friendly moments and weaving links, essential to the solidarity that we so dear. Ensuite, it is the speech, given in a fighting spirit of unionism. The atmosphere is jovial and energetic, the demo will be strong and the street will be ours!


We walked the streets of Park Ex, the rhythm of "Refugees in! Racists out! "And" A! Anti! Anti-capitalist! "We also made a foray into TMR, especially to sing the Internationale. In my opinion, a very pleasant moment that put smiles on many lips. There was no confrontation with the police, not to my knowledge. The demonstration did not disperse. The struggle against capitalism will be done in other ways.


Manifesting 1 for the day of workers, it is fit in the history of anti-capitalism. We back again and again that "the working class and the employing class have nothing in common" *. The SITT-IWW claims the end of the economy in profits, the end of wage labor and the construction of a world able to meet the needs of everyone. Through our struggle, we "are laying the foundation of a new company within the same old" *.


The Solidarity trade union struggle is our tool. With events like the May 1, Wobblies say to workers: you're not alone-es! We share this indignation for bosses who exploit us, we share the desire to have a say in our work. We worry together against an unjust system, then together we demonstrate to its end. For this solidarity, we all learn and all each other. We move from indignation to action when we realize that together, we are strong and strong. The demonstration on May 1, I hope, we have helped achieve this.


The emergence of neo-Nazi on the roof of a building waving the flag of the swastika at the end of the demo has enraged us-es. With reason. Such provocation and incitement to hatred is unacceptable. The far right continues to be a threat to all workers. We must continue to fight to protect our colleagues and to end all forms of oppression. Waiting, le ITS-IWW continue the Scand, as the protestors May 1 at the sight of fascist: « A! Anti! antifascist! »


Solidarity forever,




* Extracts from the preamble to the constitution of the IWW

Photo credit: A. L.-V.


Sexual harassment: Why I manifest May 1

Women and feminists, why do not fail us to demonstrate on May 1 : depletion and exploitation of workers over-represented in the community or care, privatization in health and education, free work we do at home or the minimum wage continues to keep us in poverty and insecurity. Fortunately, the minimum wage will increase to 12$ next Tuesday. #Not. At this rate, we will have the viable minimum wage from 2018 in 10 years! Today, I want to talk about sexual harassment that undergoes daily, at work or elsewhere.


The tip of the iceberg

Could not pass over in silence the wave of denunciations against the #MeToo SGBV last fall. In the USA, women working in prestigious film and television industries have shaken male impunity by publicly denouncing their abusers and stalkers. In Quebec, the former boss of Just for Laughs Gilbert Rozon eventually collapse under the revelations of sexual violence he has perpetrated several women for over thirty years. It should be emphasized the strength of these courageous that eventually could, the collective determination, come forward and denounce.


There are also all these other women, these workers, who are still forced to let their boss stalker. All those who end up leaving their jobs when they are subjected to sexual harassment because this form of workplace violence is still not taken seriously! Because we said that it will pass. Because we said there's nothing we can do. Because formal complaints channels are long and winding. This is most, or all, individuals who report such harassment unleash their jobs in the meantime.


Weinstein to the boss of the restaurant next door

Stalkers are there, they are "ordinary" or popular : Weinstein at the restaurant boss of next. There's the boss who you "touches" the breasts through, the colleague who found that rape is funny, the customer who wants that you Mouse Skill him after that you have slammed the butt. Nevertheless, Women are there to resist. Through their direct actions, they are quietly changing the camp fear. The macho become defensive when they speak of gender violence we live. Petticoat their misogyny beyond and continue to draw.


This Tuesday, I manifest for all women, those that have been publicly denounce, those who suffer in silence, those who resist daily, those who manage to organize against this scourge at work and elsewhere!


We are not alone! See you on Tuesday!

Community worker : Why I manifest May 1

I work as involved in the community for several years. Before that, I had a lot of different jobs in several industries. Diver, telephone pollster, cashier, assistant cook, warehouseman, House painter, concierge, clerk, attendant customer service, name it.

Evil may have changed places, but the situation changed so much : I always have an employer who takes advantage of me. Except that this time, the employer, it has a "humanist" mission behind which hide. And if that is not the employer who directly want more of me for as little as possible, these are the donor, private or state.

I'm not alone. Women workers (and workers) Community do not have easy. Reasons to demonstrate and be disgusted es, it does us no shortage.

Conditions do not improve. Our wages are stagnating. Many are in survival mode for a paycheque to paycheque. and yet, we asked more. The State deresponsibilises : public services and the social safety net eat the fly, the people with whom we also work thereby, so we have to compensate with the means at hand.

The organizations financed keeps us always in precarious. Our posts are subsidized to "project", often for a year, with no guarantee of renewal. Thus humpback connect with people you help and accompany (because we work with human beings, often maganés), not knowing if in six months, and, we can continue. It is also disturbing to us as unhealthy for the relationship we are trying to keep up with the people who attend our resources.

It burns. As in the health system, cases of burnout are rampant. In almost all organizations I work with in my work, there is at least one person had been on sick off work in the last year. And when a person leaves, our workloads that increase, there are other workers or workers who shop burnout. This is the burnout musical ...

Fortunately, we are not alone-e-s. There is something to inspire the movement of nurses and employee-s health. There are voices. It is organized gradually. It's up to us to mobilize. Our best weapon is our solidarity, no matter where we work. Community organization, intervention, animation, everyone working together and we're in the same boat (He was ...). That is why, you work in the community, in health, restoration, in construction, etc., le 1er mai, I walk with you.



A member of the Community Committee of the Union of Industrial Workers and Workers (SITT-IWW Montreal)


Gathering with food and speaking out at 14:30 at Metro Park. Leaving the district event at 16.00.

Monitoring of anti-capitalist demonstration CLAC downtown.

(English below)


As workers, unemployed workers, students and tenants, our best weapon to defend against those who exploit us and abuse us remains solidarity. This is why the Industrial Union of Workers and Workers (SITT-IWW Montreal) invites you to bring you to fight together in Park Extension on May 1.


Our struggles are multiplying on several fronts. As the attacks against us. Strikes and lockouts are subdued by the power of courts, the public sector is privatized and burns its employee-s, our wages stagnate while our rents rise, racist discourse trivialize the delight of the ruling class. The G7 held a full paralyzes region for the rich and powerful share the planet. And all this, while bosses and politicians share the profits.


But whatever, we struggle! Community groups take to the streets to denounce social inequalities. The neighborhoods of tenants are mobilizing against gentrification. Women denounce and take public space with #MeToo. antiracist solidarity networks multiply to counter the rise of the extreme right. Nurses chant "it'll do! "And refuse to run out in silence. The most precarious workers organize and show solidarity.


We're not as isolated-are the bosses and politicians want to imply. We are not as mere pawns who will vote and watching the bosses decide our fate. We fight for our voices heard. And that is why we must go beyond corporatism, solidarity and a bridge between our respective struggles, because that is our strength!


It is with this spirit of solidarity that SITT-IWW Montreal invite you to show on Tuesday May 1 in Park Extension, on the occasion of the International Day of Workers, chanting together : WE ARE NOT ALONE-ES!


We invite all unions, groups and organizations to endorse our call and write us.




Gathering with food and speeches at 2:30 pm at Metro Park. Departure of the neighborhood demonstration at 16H00.

Follow-up with the CLAC anti-capitalist protest downtown.


As workers, unemployed, students and tenants, our best defense against those who exploit and abuse us is solidarity. That is why the Industrial Workers of the World (ITS-IWW Montreal) invites you to gather and fight together in Parc-Extension on May 1st.


Our struggles are multiplying on several fronts at the same time. Just like the attacks on us. Strikes and lockouts are muted by the power of the courts, the public sector privatizes and burns its employees, our wages stagnate while our rents increase, racist speeches become commonplace to the delight of the ruling class. Holding the G7 paralyzes a complete region for wealth and power to move the planet. And all that, while the bosses and politicians share the profits.


But no matter what, we fight! Community groups take to the streets to denounce social inequalities. Tenants from working-class neighborhoods are mobilizing against gentrification. Women denounce and take public space with #MeToo. Anti-racist solidarity networks are multiplying to counter the rise of the extreme right. Nurses say, “Enough is enough!” and refuse to wear themselves out in silence. The most precarious workers are organizing and solidarity is on the rise.


We are not as isolated as bosses and politicians would like us to believe. We are not just pawns that will vote and watch as the bosses decide our fate. We fight to make ourselves heard. And that’s why we must go beyond corporatism, stand together and make the bridge between our struggles, that’s our strength!


It is with this spirit of solidarity that the SITT-IWW Montréal invites you to demonstrate on Tuesday, May 1st, in the Parc-Extension neighborhood, on the occasion of the International Workers’ Day, to chant all together: WE ARE NOT ALONE!


We invite all unions, groups and organizations to endorse our call and write to us.

Press release – 1er May 2015 You ITS-IWW

Thousands of workers from the base showed, blocked and disrupted the economy throughout the day from May 1 2015. We were very many-its to oppose the Liberal government project and challenge the austerity measures that it hopes to impose. May 1st International Day of Workers' Struggle 2015 was a great success.

Many highways have been blocked, dozens of disruptive and blocking actions were carried out such as occupations of banks and construction sites. Several direct actions were also made the night before May Day. The Industrial Workers Union/Industrial workers of the world, from Montreal (SIT/ IWW) took part in this day of combat by multiplying the actions and disturbances. From the morning, the SITT-IWW Montreal has blocked the municipal services of the city of Montreal in support of blue-collar workers in struggle, an economic block was also made by blocking the parking control service. SITT-IWW then marched alongside dozens of social groups and unions at the downtown protest of the Coalition Opposing the Pricing and Privatization of Social Services (« Coalition Main Rouge »).

During the afternoon, the SITT-IWW organized a strike zone with a union BBQ, in addition to blocking Brébeuf, the street where our offices are located. Ensuite, we joined the family demonstration in the neighborhoods which descended the city from Villeray and marched alongside social groups on strike as well as with the teachers against the rise (PCLH) , before finally joining the anti-capitalist demonstration of May Day organized by the CLAC.

THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES ! . This day was only a premise. This was not an isolated moment, but a step that is part of a larger perspective ; that of the struggle of the working class against employers and capitalism. This day demonstrates the strength and capacity for self-organization of workers. If what was done for a day was multiplied on the scale of a week, even a month, no government, no repression could resist our struggle for our emancipation. The will to put an end to our exploitation will not stop in this 2 May ! On the contrary, the struggle will continue and intensify. The political class and the economic elite may be worried. We will change the rules of the game and intend to destroy their class privileges, bring down capitalism and the polluting society, patriarchal, colonial and racist which characterizes it.

Their repressive policies cannot kill our dreams of a fairer and more equal society.. To the conservative slogan "Equal work, equal pay! », our banners must oppose the revolutionary slogan "Down with wage labor! ». The struggle continues ! See you soon, in the street.


Back on May 1, the IWW-SITT

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On the occasion of the May 1 2015, the SITT-Montreal IWW organized and participated in many actions of disturbance. Planned for months, This day of action was part of a context of struggle against the austerity measures imposed by the government. A call for a general strike was relayed almost a year on the workplace, in universities and schools, hospitals, post services, and among community organizations. On the eve of May 1, there are hundreds of organizations and workplaces that had passed in general meeting a strike mandate for the May 1, as well as many institutions of higher education.


Blocking the tower CBC

On the evening of 30 april, the SITT-Montreal IWW organized a locking action of the tower CBC, where significant cuts and job cuts are expected. Several hundred people present responded to our call, allowing this action to be a great success, despite some arrests and the use of pepper spray. While a very large police force blocked the event and we twirled in circles, we were able to disperse without arousing suspicion and end up almost as many-its on the site of action.


Blocking parking the Enforcement Section of the SPVM parking regulations

At 7 am Friday, May 1, tens of Wobblies blocked the four exits of the parking of the Enforcement Section of the SPVM parking regulations. For almost two hours, no vehicle could leave the parking, to the quiet intervention by riot police.

After a popular underground operation, we converged with several community groups to participate on strike en masse in the demonstration organized by the Coalition Red Hand, we happily extended wild event around Victoria Square. Several hundred people were then followed us spontaneously. We also provided support to the manifestation of the FTQ.

Between 14h and 17h, the SITT-Montreal IWW organized a barbecue in the park near our local. Once more, our mobilization capacity has surpassed all expectations, turning this moment of well-deserved rest in a blocking action of the adjacent street.

We then joined the northern districts of event to go down to the center, which was to take place a blocking action of the HSBC tower, organized by CLAC. A few minutes before our arrival, the main demonstration was violently attacked by riot police, splitting into several small demonstrations have spread throughout the city center. This was followed several hours of clashes with police, whose violence was proportional to the uselessness throughout the day. That day, the police have protected and served person, apart capitalism.

It is important to note that our actions have all benefited from a free support on the part of workers, and the passing-e-s. It is quite rare to receive so many expressions of support from motorists, even as our contingent proudly showed our colors red and black. Workers blocked institutions sometimes meant we desire to put also on strike, although the legal conditions did not permit yet. We have driven to take their own legitimacy.

Of course, the SPVM was also strongly mobilized for this day. The courage of police officers has been matched by their inability to control the crowds, As the number of organized actions was important. We can say that the police were clearly overwhelmed throughout the day, and wanted to catch up during the evening event. It is certainly easier to suppress a localized one big event that hundreds of small actions scattered. Information on movements of the SPVM have allowed us to understand that we were a prime target (see "Priority number 1 ») Following our blocking action of their parking officers, and escaping an attempted mousetrap noon (with the support of the QFL). So, we could avoid criminalization of our members and sympathizers-e-s, and we came out with only 5 contraventions.

Ultimately, we take great pride / proud to have participated in the organization of this day. The benefits in terms of image of the union, broadcast our speech, and new members are already being felt. We managed to introduce ourselves as a unifying factor, especially vis-à-vis other trade unions of workers in struggle, without denying or concealing our revolutionary convictions. Efforts to organize these actions probably will the next day from May 1 to be as interesting and challenging as this, to make a real day of revolutionary struggle. But we do not we rely, and we are already in the conquest of new struggles.

Radicalization of the strike on May 1 2015 !

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A specter is haunting Quebec. this spectrum, it is the general strike. Since that time 2012, our elites know that the working class, the students, and all those that injustice and repression are not indifferent yet, may take to the streets and impose their legitimacy facing the State. But despite this dread, the apostles of capitalism, and particularly his liberal vision, cannot help but wage an open war against everything that is not a commodity, against anything that is not financially valuable. From budget cuts to police over-arming, from our underpaid jobs to public insults against the poor and the exploited, everything leads us to believe that Quebec has been blighted by unbridled capitalism. This neo-liberal paradise, protected by the state and its henchmen, ruin our daily life and that of our loved ones, willfully tramples on the remnants of our freedom, spits in the faces of the most destitute and of a misery that he himself has engendered. We long ago stopped believing in the regulatory capacity of this system. By self-destructing, he will lead us all simultaneously in his wake. Every day we experience new reminders of this planned failure: environmental disasters, rising inequalities, deterioration of working conditions, institutional racism, systemic corruption of our political system, harassment of women in their workplaces or at university ... In general, these are all forms of dominations that are increasing dangerously, pushing the exploited and dominated of our society to their limits, to install our elites on a pedestal far too comfortable.

This is why we call the rebels to the insurgency. We hope this spring will see all the rabid ones, all those who dislike this system, in the streets and in action. Because apathy is not for us, we strongly believe in our common ability to create a better world. Beyond a simple one-off fight against austerity, we see in the distance the premises of a social war, including the strike of 2012 was just the beginning. Successive and repetitive governments, from right to left, have been trying for too long to impose on us their deadly conception of the economy, and more broadly from society. A single day of strike is not enough to roll back a government that protects the financial interests of the dominant. We believe that a global revolt of the whole of society must emerge this spring. This revolt must take place on the long term : in Quebec as in Europe, too many examples of recent social movements have proven the uselessness of ad hoc actions against governments now accustomed and prepared for social discontent.

Against capitalism and liberalism, we reaffirm our right to manage our own lives, whether or not it suits those who lead us. Our daily life is ours, our cities are ours. We firmly believe that capitalism must be banned from Quebec. For that, we will always show solidarity with those who fight, but forever unsympathetic in the eyes of the resigned and prostrate. We will be alongside workers and students in struggle, and we will oppose police brutality with proletarian solidarity. In the street, in the workplace and study, in our neighborhoods, we are here to support and help you.

Let’s not be afraid of our utopias!

Dare to fight to overthrow the established order!

founding meeting of the ISTC-IWW Sherbrooke

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Section SITT-IWW Sherbrooke goes ahead and founded his local! We will hold a founding meeting on Thursday 26 March, the 187 Laurier, Alphonse Desjardins room, from 19 hours.

The objective of this meeting is to inform the SITT-IWW in Sherbrooke, de formaliser la création de notre branche (adoption des règlements du syndicat, élections), d’annoncer et de définir nos actions futures, et bien entendu de recruter tout-e nouveau ou nouvelle membre intéressé-e à se joindre au combat!

Le SITT-IWW est un syndicat inclusif, who, par le réseautage et la solidarité, souhaite créer un véritable réseau de travailleurs et de travailleuses capables de se défendre les un-e-s et les autres pour, ensuite, viser un meilleur contrôle de leur milieu de travail.

Que tu sois travailleur ou travailleuse, que tu sois étudiant-e ou bien chômeur, chômeuse, viens nous rencontrer le jeudi 26 March!


La section locale de Sherbrooke du SITT-IWW.

Montreal Police – Capitalism’s Milita

With the week against police brutality coming up fast, as well as an important social movement emerging, it is important to remind ourselves of what role the police plays. More precisely, we would like to enumerate several reasons for which we oppose the police, wherever it is, wherever it’s from, and in every and all situations.

1458432_476650485809226_4102247111885098979_nIn our rotten societies, not a single week or day goes by without lengthening the list of injustices committed by members of the police. They have never hesitated to humiliate us, hurt us, play with our lives and those of our families and friends, and even to assassinate us if need be.

Strangely, we find that the people most repeatedly affected by these police ‘errors’ belong vastly to the working class, whether employed or not. Bosses, bankers, traders, and other living blight are spared from these problems. If wage-work dispossesses us each moment of our lives, the police reminds us that even our own lives no longer belong to us, since they have the right to take them away forever.

Whoever has even slightly participated in a social movement during their lifetime has very likely been confronted with the repressive force of the police, at one time or another. Riot police, tactical intervention teams, provincial police, and other forces of repression have the sole purpose of breaking strikes, preventing protests against the status quo, and repressing more or less violently all political opposition. This violence – that of the State – by constantly arming the police, by equipping them with military technology and ‘non-lethal’ weaponry, has given them the full ability to ‘control crowds’ almost entirely independently. There are jobs, and entire teams, whose social utility consists only in ‘breaking protesters’ more efficiently, more rapidly, and always more inhumanely.

To ensure the reproduction and the maintenance of its own domination, the ruling class has two tools at its disposal: ideology and violence. If ideology is diffused throughout society, and demands that everybody stay in line, then the role of violence is to bring deviants and dissenters back in line. The State, guarantor of class reproduction, ensures the monopoly of violence by means of the police. In other words, the social function of the police in its entirety is to ensure the maintenance of a class’s domination over another, whether ‘softly’ by applying the law, or by direct repression. As a revolutionary union, we wish to overthrow the dominant class, and as such are fundamentally opposed to its dominant ideology, and to its police.

Let us build solidarity with one another against the police.

No Justice, No Peace!