Campaign History : redeems your pay!

often receives such a call.

* Remi contacted us because his former employer, who has a housekeeping company, had not paid him the wages he owed him for nearly two months. Not far from 300$. Either the food for a solid month, or a good portion of the rent.

He had worked for her boss a full weekend. Fourteen hours. The boss had to get back to him and send his schedule earlier this week. After a few days without news, Rémi concluded that it would not make other shifts. He started trying to get the salary that was rightfully his.

You will be more to recognize you in his situation. When a boss wants to talk to you, you are better respond rapidly worse. Enwoye, press it, there is no time and money to waste. When the reverse against by, suddenly, there is no urgency.

Call after call, no answer. The boss finally replied to a text message asking Remi sent him an email by sample check in order to make him a bank transfer, which he did on the spot. A few days pass, nothing. Rémi against him by, it is hard and he rewrote his boss, only to be told to send back an email with a sample check. Once again, without new, no transfer.

It will retry again, but radio silence, his former boss gave no sign of life. Few weeks later, Rémi happening by chance to one of our posters Reclaim your pay and we called.

He explained his situation and how we operate. So we established a game plan quickly. Direct actions to the menu. On the other hand, as we ask anyone who contacts us : a final call is suggested, but this time mentioning having contacted a solidarity union!

Well, the word union is still afraid! When Remi told his former boss that he had called and we were about to get in step, suddenly, the boss has become ben ben conciliatory and a few minutes later, he shed his unpaid wages!

All this to say, ensemble, when one is standing and we stick together, results are obtained. And the small victories, it is essential to build a little solidarity. Congratulations for your perseverance Rémi!


A member of the Industrial Union of Workers.


* For privacy concerns, we changed his name.

Reclaim the payroll victorious in a Quebec restaurant

The 20 March, an organizer of the local section IWW Quebec got wind that a man he knew had been a victim of constructive dismissal (decrease to lack of working hours) at Le Moine Échanson on St-Jean in Quebec. Not having been officially dismissed, the worker had not received his 4%, his papers termination for unemployment and T4 (he should have received since nearly a month already, returned or not, Anyway). Furthermore, some of its hours worked still had it not been paid wages.


The worker had tried several times to get them, but in vain. The organizer offered him using IWWs and the worker immediately accepted. He was met two days later to schedule a type of campaign "Redeems your pay". Although man received payment for hours worked on the same day, his papers and his 4% still missing. The campaign was thus officially engaged.


The boss was quickly met on working hours by a group of Wobblies who handed him a letter with a few days ultimatum to surrender all his documents to the worker without which further action would take place. It does no more took to the visibly shaken boss sends all its documents to the worker and that everything ended with a victory.


Solidarity makes us strong and strong!

Max K.

Another victory Reclaim your pay!

Hello everyone!

I want to share with you a small victory " Reclaim Your Payroll "That happened some time ago, because these victories, there are equally important. Sometimes, must make do with what we have, and even if there are not many, we CAN do something. The story is a bit complex to explain in writing, it will be long, stay with me, I will learn to brief possibly.


I found myself démerder an employer in an emergency, while making me promise an employment contract. Every week, there was a good excuse to postpone our meeting (which was to be paired with a training) : schedule overloaded, oversight, move, influenza, etc. Meanwhile, I continue to do the work that is expected, Payroll takes time to arrive, and the employer asks me to do commissions that are not part of my task list, but since this is an emergency and that the client is in the hospital for weeks, I pounded on my rant…

This week, It was 21 days I still had not received pay. Monday, I again contacted the employer, explaining very clearly that I will not be financially able to move around for work, I have accounts (astheure late, thanks to you!) to pay, a basic need 3 meals per day, and I have no guarantee to charge me by the end of the year (if ever!), and that all this stress a few weeks before the holidays (melodrama), ben, it is really useless. I was told that the client had no other way than making a check since it is still in the hospital when, "Could you go get your check to the hospital? "And as long as I do errands, I also had : bring personal effects to the lady, make him fulfill the contract, send digitized signatures, cash the check and make him the Interac e-transfer taxes.


Non, more, ok. I'm hungry, worse j'tannée, Calisia.

This morning, so I am going to beg my money early to hospital. The lady explained that she had completed a contract ALREADY, she asked a COPY of the contract, but the employer told her that she had not sent because it is in the removal of boxes. The employer did me no notice of this reality, it pissed me deeply Drette there. I try to explain that to my side the information that I had to fulfill the contract and take signatures, but she refuses, and still do not understand why it is impossible to provide a copy of a contract already filled, signed and dated. She was not wrong. when we do the same signatures, but it does not fulfill the contract because it wants to discuss with the employer directly. To check, she refuses me do it my own name since it deals with the employer / company and a contract has been signed anyway. Once again, it not wrong. Now, the check is sent to the employer. I try to reach by phone, all my calls are sent directly to voicemail. My messages remain "unread". Impossible for me to have my due. I leave empty-handed, and crunches.

I leave yet another message to the employer to tell him to come and take his check with me so I can finally have my salary. The employer replied (after a big delay) he will check with his bank if I can still cash the check. Without surprise : non. I try to reach by phone, and I'm saying "can you stop calling me lol" and the employer refuses to move, he wants me to send him a check by P A N T E (I not silly). But there's still plusses : it gives me the street address P R E C O N N E L L E!!!!! Jackpot!?!

Having blown a lead, I called 2 Fellow workeuses who are in the same field as me to discuss the best alternatives given my situation. As I do not have a set contract with the employer and that I am self-employed, I have only one good option before actually starting a Reclaim Your Pay : introduce myself there at the address of the employer (thank you for giving me so kindly hinhin), and require payment of my salary live in my face. I made my little Yesman ™ and I wonder if it would therefore not ben simplest I come blithely drop him the check to his humble abode "we're just 20 minutes of each other lol ". The employer said YES. Jackpot, #2?!?!

While I was on my way, he began to argue (by posts) on amounts due from my salary, "I take a 40$ here for X-Y-Z really cellar reason, and one 20$ Z-Y-X even more because cellar ", I totally refused (lel). He also wanted to remove me 40$ my salary because the employer was the employee who referred me to this employer (WtF). I told him that the money of others did not concern me, and I wanted to be paid for the work that I DID during these 21 days. Since I have no time to fool around and my partner was available, I showed up at the employer with him. He waited in the car, subject to effective presence (the few times that playing the patriarchy map can be favorable!), while I rang the door, bills in hand.

The employer owed me 460.00$, I left with 540.00$.



We can do it all even when the possibility seems bleak!


euphoria Vagabonde


Pay your claims : Victory in Station des Sports !

I worked at the Station of the September Sports 2014 June 2015. A big nine months not knowing what to think because there are so many guidelines issued by the Head Office and so that managers who spend no longer knows what is expected of us. There was the manager with a barmaid who had obstinately because he wanted to put the shoes of everyone in the garbage. He thought it was not clean clean 'our runnings be in a cabinet under the bar, then hop ! the garbage ! There was one that made animal noises passing behind the waitresses. Whoever was collecting contributions for porters and pocketed. One who made us dig through the trash to pick up the stuff he escaped there. And even the one who rained warnings and that ended up getting fired for sick callé. I'll spare you the classic : non-paid training, of paid shortened fifteen minutes here and then and bills to pay instead of the customers who fled. I think you have already entered the picture. Read more

Le IWW entre en force chez Whole Foods San Francisco!

For informations in English about the IWW Whole Foods campain, visit


Durant l’après-midi du 6 November, une délégation de 20 caissiers/caissières, commi-e-s et cuisiniers/cuisinières de la franchise de Whole Foods à San Francisco initiait un arrêt de travail temporaire afin de remettre une pétition à l’administration exigeant une augmentation de salaire de $5/heure pour tous et toutes les employé-e-s, et la promesse qu’aucune représaille ne serait menée contre ces derniers/dernières dans leur volonté d’instaurer un syndicat.

Après que la pétition ait été présentée au patronat, une manifestation eut lieu devant la succursale au coin de la 4e rue et de la rue Harrison à San Francisco, où plusieurs supporters vinrent gonfler les rangs des syndiqué-e-s.

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First victory for the IWW Montreal

PiquetThe Montreal chapter of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)recorded its first win against the boss Pizzédélic located on Notre Dame, in Old Montreal.

The Pizzédélic was recognized in the 1990s to be a little respectful workplace minimum labor standards, often paying its employees below the minimum wage, or refusing to pay the training of workers. It seems that their bad habits employers are not missing with the new millennium, since Pizzédélic in question systematically denies its employees to be paid overtime when they work more than 41 Maximum weekly hours defined as the law of labor standards.

Contacted by a worker of the place wanting to have his due, the IWW went to visit the restaurant for well let the boss he did not recover well.

About a dozen activists and activists came to a joyful noise inside the restaurant, and a picket line in front of the restaurant entrance. Several customers have chosen to turn back to show solidarity with our fellow cheated.

Using several delaying tactics to prevent our fellow have his due, among others by including two different employee numbers to prevent its accounting system to pay the additional rate, the boss even met its employees following the departure of our friend to try to make them sign a declaration in which they gave up in advance to get paid at the legal rate. Following our action, our comrade has been fully paid, and quickly.

Abuses of the kind are common in areas where the high turnover of labor prevent workers to organize themselves effectively against the bosses. Furthermore, in this time of economic crisis, it is clear that the working conditions and wages will suffer enormous pressure employers to be revised downwards, maintaining profit rates require a devaluation of the value of work.