A Love Inc., a Montreal sweatshop, one even loses his dignity ...

amourIn recent years, the garment industry in Montreal is undergoing substantial changes. From the perspective of neoliberal globalization, Companies borrow more and more the way of relocation : factories are closed here and the machines shipped in the South, where labor, underpaid, costs less. The dismissed workers, On the other hand, often find themselves on the carpet… It happened to Peerless, The trap, Main Knitting. At Golden Brand – where Moores Inc clothes are made. - the 540 laid-off workers got 3,5 million dollars in compensation thanks to pressure from Unite Here, their union. À l’Amour Inc., on the other hand, laid-off workers, mostly immigrant women, were unable to benefit from the support of theirs, a “boutique union” imposed by the employers in order to turn the organizational desires of its employees to its advantage. On another side, an organization truly run by and for its members would have enabled workers to save, in the absence of their employment, their dignity and some furniture.

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