And if the union does not move?

Although a union is theoretically a tool in the fight to improve working conditions for workers, it is not uncommon to see them turn into demobilization devices. Whether to preserve the "device" union avoiding taking risks involved in a great struggle, collaborate openly with the boss who grants favors to the central (ex : automatic unionization of new branches in exchange for a peaceful unionism) or want to maintain a policy of a bad image caused by a strike during elections, any union may disconnect interest on its base to preserve as an institution. Yet it is in these moments that matter most to be a trade unionist.

It is then necessary to remember that the union is all about us and our colleagues and leave on this basis. Since then, a wide range of tactics opens us : it is possible to form grassroots committees, who will work and will fight outside the union sets (ex : see COBAS in Italy), attempting to organize to take over and reform our union to refocus towards the base (see the CORE, the Caucus of Rank-and-file Educators à Chicago) or to change union affiliation. As many see the arrival of an employers' association (also known as "yellow" union) as an opportunity to talk about working conditions and thus return the offensive of the bosses against them. Do not hesitate then to contact the branch of the nearest IWW for support and training for (re) start the battle to improve your working conditions and life.


comic credit: Val-blue