Defiant Spirit: General Defense Committee Newsletter // Defiant Spirit: Bulletin du Comité de Défense Général

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We want letters and articles from prisoners about life on the inside, about your experiences, about what working in prison is like, and whatever else you’d like to share. We want updates on political prisoners. We want news about direct actions, with or without arrests. We want our readers to make submissions, write us letters, give us feed back, and help us make the General Defense Committee grow to be a strong, immutable organization. Help us make the Defiant Spirit a strong line of communication between those who are incarcerated and those who are out in minimum security-that is, the free world. Send us photographs, stories, articles, links, news paper dippings, ransom letters, claims of responsibility, or whatever else you’d like us to see or you think we should print.
Send submissions to:
PO Box 180195
or by email
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