Laval, February 16th 2015 This morning, the IWW Montreal, the Student Workers Union of the University of Quebec at Montreal, as well as several other citizens, took part in the disruption of a Canada Post distribution center in Laval, Quebec.

This action in solidarity with postal workers is set in a current context of struggles against austerity, and in the scope of the campaign for a social strike on May 1st 2015.

Today, many workers are directly confronted with the effects of budget cuts to health services, to municipal employees, to firemen and firewomen, to postal workers, to students, to workers in the private sector…

Yet, resistance is organizing itself everywhere. We will not let different governments (whether conservative or liberal) and the bosses impose their anti-social measures on us. The time of a minority enriching itself on the back of an impoverished majority is finished.

Our unity allows us to wage a radical struggle in the face of the bosses’ logic. This struggle must only grow.

The government’s different budget cuts will impact all services, as well as the quality of public services. As a result, the ones suffering its every day effects are going to be the general population. The elimination of door-to-door postal services is no exception, since it will affect post accessibility for those people who are older, single parents, or living with a disability.

These measures will also have immense consequences for the workers of Canada Post, since the existence of their jobs is equally tenuous. In consideration of all this, we decided to show our solidarity and our anger in the face of the deterioration of public services.

Against the bosses’ rules: Union Struggle – General Strike!

The IWW Montreal calls for a mobilization towards a national general strike on May 1st 2015. For more information, please consult the union’s website.

IWW Montreal


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