Kingston Compassion Club Society is re-opening after robbery and police closure.

ERRATUM: Kingston Compassion Club Society has never been member if the IWW. We apologize for the misunderstanding.  Here are more information about the situation of the IWW in Kingston.

Kingston Compassion Club Society is re-opening after robbery and police closure.

The Kingston Ontario Compassion Club Society (I.W.W Local 610) is re-opening after suffering a robbery and a police closure, as the Kingston Police continue to investigate some of the worker’s involved in the only unionized medical cannabis dispensary in Canada.

The not-for profit Compassion Club (also known as a medical cannabis dispensary), located in the Medical Arts Building at 800 Princess Street was closed after police responded to a robbery call made by the Club on June 19th. Employees called police to the facility after noticing that their online video surveillance feed had been interrupted, leading them to believe a break-in may have been in progress. It is believed that two former staff members of the K.C.C.S worked with a former member to execute said robbery after making false allegations to the police in the hopes of having the Club shut down by law enforcement. Lire la suite

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Chart of the Day: The Most Depressing Pay Gap Statistic You’ve Seen Today

This is from the most recent report [PDF] from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, “The College Payoff: Education, Opportunity, Lifetime Earnings.” Just in case you missed that red text on the chart, here it is for you in black and white: “Women have to have a PhD to make as much as men with a BA.”

The study also starts off by noting, “The findings are stark: Women earn less at all degree levels, even when they work as much as men. On average, women who work full-time, full-year earn 25 percent less than men, even at similar education levels. At all levels of educational attainment, African Americans and Latinos earn less than Whites.”

Oh, and in case you were wondering if getting a college degree is worth it, “Having some postsecondary education, even without earning a degree, adds nearly onequarter of a million dollars to lifetime earnings,” the study says.

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«Locked out 2010» movie: 560 combative miners against RioTinto’s 107 days lock out and scabs

A compelling story of 560 unionized borax miners in the desert town of Boron, California who faced off against Rio Tinto, a British-Australian multi-billion dollar global corporation, which is the 3rd largest mining company in the world. Boron, population 2000, is home to one of the largest borates mines in the world, where close to 600 workers blast, dig, process and transport the refined mineral to a thousand manufacturers around the world. Rio Tinto threatened the miners in Boron–either accept their cutbacks in the new contract or find themselves locked out of work. On January 30th, 2010 the workers voted unaminously to reject the company’s proposed contract and on January 31st, 2010, they were locked out of work and replaced with scabs. Who will win this David and Goliath struggle?


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Industrial Unionism And One Big Unionism In The History Of The IWW

Un article tiré du dernier Industrial Worker qui essaie de retracer dans l’histoire et l’organisation de la IWW la réconciliation des objectifs immédiats des luttes quotidiennes (meilleures conditions de travail, augmentation du salaire minimum) et la finalité révolutionnaire de la IWW: la Démocratie Industriel, où les travailleurs-travailleuses forment une “république socialiste de coopératives ouvrières”.

We in the IWW, like many others, have long tried to link two types of struggle— struggles for short-term improvements under capitalism and the struggle to replace capitalism with a better society. For years, now the IWW has used two ideas to think about the connections between these types of struggles. These ideas are Industrial Unionism and the One Big Union. These ideas have meant many different things but they have always been related to the IWW’s revolutionary vision. These ideas relate to our vision of a future revolution that ends capitalism and to our vision of our organization under capitalism before such a revolution.

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“A well conducted strike will do more towards developing class-consciousness and radical sentiment than ten tons of revolutionary propaganda of a general nature.”

“Under capitalism, the structure was meant to coordinate effective struggle and to maximize the preparatory role—to make the IWW radicalize as many workers as possible as effectively as possible. After capitalism ended, the same structure would take on a new role. The article stated: “Under capitalism, the functions of the union are militant and aggressive; under the Socialist Republic they will be administrative only. This change of function will involve no internal transformation of the union, as it is precisely those powers whereby it can inflict injury upon the capitalist that will enable it to take up the work of production. It is precisely its control over production… that give[s] its power for militant action.”