The Industrial Union of Workers and Workers – Industrial Workers of the World (SITT-IWW) is a labor organization recognized in the history of the labor movement. Active uninterrupted manner since 1905, our activists members have even earned it a nickname : the Wobblies, or Wobs.

The Industrial Union of Workers and Workers union is open to all members of the working class, or that they are employee-es, unemployed, students with or retirees. The mission of the ISTC-IWW is to organize workplaces, industries and communities. We want to both improve our living conditions in the immediate, but also a world without bosses. A world in which the production and distribution will be managed and organized by the workers, so that the needs of the entire population are met rather than just those of a powerful minority of exploiters and owners.

How do we organize ?

Because SITT-IWW is a union managed and democratically controlled by the members activists, the decisions, directions and tactics to be implemented are decided by the workers directly involved es. We're organized, voluntary and voluntary basis, there is virtually no permanent employee-es-es. No more that & rsquo; it n & rsquo; there are wage or organizational hierarchies within our union, We want direct democracy !

Our union is called "industrial" because we we organize in this way. That is to say, we unite all the workers of a workplace rather than split by business. In this way, our forces are larger against the company's boss. On a larger scale, organize industrially is to unite with the workers working in the same economic production sector. It is thus an end to the rivalry between workers based on membership of companies that are competing and fighting against employers effectively to establish common working conditions in this sector of the economy.

So contrary to what you might think, we do not reserve our union activity and our membership as working class is commonly called « industries ». All and all members of the working class can be a member. for example, the unemployed, social assistance recipients, tenants, the students, workers and sex workers, Homeless, the homeless and incarcerated es-workers can be a member.

We are a union open to all workers and all workers, regardless if our union recognition of the right of representation or not in your workplace. We organize the workers and not the company. We recognize as well that unionism is not a matter of government certification or recognition by the employer, but union workers and workers around concerns and community issues. Sometimes it may mean to strike or to sign a contract. Sometimes this can mean to refuse to work with tools or a dangerous machine, or refuse to follow the instructions of the managers and bosses so that nothing lead. Sometimes it may mean to agitate around specific issues, claim something on a particular workplace or industry wide.

Where we are now-e-s ?

Since the foundation of IWW SITT-in 1905, we recognized the need to build a genuine international trade union movement to combat global power patterns and to strengthen the capacity and trend we entant as workers to unite in solidarity with our colleagues regardless of their background or their languages.

The SITT-IWW is present in several countries such as Germany, England, l & rsquo; Austria, Australia, United States, Norway and China. Furthermore, in the summer 2011 the Canadian branches have officially formed a Canadian Regional Organizing Committee, called CanROC, and currently represents Locals Winnipeg, Windsor, Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal, Sherbrooke and Quebec, to leave more space bilingual English-French within the ISTC-IWW and greater organizational autonomy from the Headquarters based in Chicago.

A solidarity organization against repression

The history of our union was marked by state and employer repression. This is why there is now the Defense General Committee. In Canada, it is the Wobblies branch of & rsquo; Ottawa-Outaouais who & rsquo; founded and s & rsquo; occupy the Local 6 of this committee. This support group is the tool of the Pan-Canadian solidarity against repression and is open to both members and non-members of the IWW-SITT.

The activists of the Local 6 have been active in supporting “Seven Year Squatters” during the protests against the G8, supporting the physics teacher Denis Rancourt in its fight against the University of Ottawa and supporting the organizer of the Ottawa beggars' union, Andrew Nellis, against the City of Ottawa. Today they are in solidarity against the imprisonment of environmentalist Marie Mason following a campaign of the FBI and in solidarity with Alexandra Svoboda, who lost his leg after being brutalized by the Rhode Island Police.

Current campaign :

Claim your pay

We currently animate a campaign of solidarity with non-unionized workers called Workers Your calls Paye. If your boss pays your salary evil, that & rsquo; s it & rsquo; acts d & rsquo; a payment delays, time unpaid labor, d & rsquo; a difficulty in getting your 4% Or other, we will help you to pressure your employer until you get what rightfully yours.

Demands your respect!


The Union of Community Workers

The community committee is a branch of the Montreal IWW which brings together workers working in the community sector. We seek to build union solidarity present throughout the network. We want to create a balance of power vis-à-vis- vis-à-vis our employers and funders who control, often, our working conditions and fight on the floor the oppression that some executives in the community inflict on their employees. We want workers to be well treated in their environment and for our professions to be more respected..

The Associative Syndicate of Self-Employed Workers of Quebec (S’ATTAQ)

The Associative Syndicate of Self-Employed Workers of Quebec is a union of self-employed workers. We are a diverse group of freelancers who have come together to take back control of our professional lives, help each other and raise wages in our respective industries.

Our organization is made up of freelancers from all types of industries: temporary workers, self-employed workers or dependent entrepreneurs, workers without status, artists or artisans.

Other campaigns

As solidarity unionism as we promote it at SITT-IWW does not fall under the jurisdiction of the courts, every year the members of the SITT-IWW take action in their workplaces without it ever making the headlines. Our member members are active in their workplaces, working day to day to promote class consciousness and the improvement of our living and working conditions. The campaigns of this type that have made the most noise in Montreal are undoubtedly those of Frite So and the Syndicate of workers in educational associations., but every year many more come into action!

Become a member

There are different ways to get involved in ISTC-IWW. Union members have to tell them that we hold individuals and not the workplace. This means that you can become a member, even if the union is not yet implemented in your workplace, is to eventually bring your colleagues to build it with you and improve your working conditions, either to campaign in any of the committees of the Local and help other workers to organize.

You can also join the union group, to launch you into an organizing campaign, benefit from the experience and the solidarity of other members while giving them the benefit of your. So in a mutual exchange you build your local union while helping others to build theirs.

Finally, the SITT-unionized IWW also the self-employed, sole proprietors and cooperatives. In this way, you will join a growing network of activists and insert your project in an ideal and a united and revolutionary practice.

To help us, ask for help or get information to become a member, take contact with us!