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2021 : No more surviving, let's fight to live!

As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc, a bitter statement imposes itself : bosses, owners and politicians take the opportunity to crush a little more so-called essential workers, tenants and the working class in general. If measures have been put in place temporarily to avoid a catastrophic economic crisis,  with the huge budget deficits that are building, we bet that it is not to the big corporations and the rich that we go pass the bill. On the contrary, we risk seeing our social safety net cut like never.

It will be fine? Not sure, but for our union by against, no way to let it go. Do not let it go, because we are not alone. Number of community groups, of organizations feminists / anti-racists and trade unions are already fighting on several fronts to time. However, too often in silos and, especially at union level, of corporate way.

We therefore believe that while health measures are important, Above all, the time has come for collective anger, class solidarity and organization by and for the base. We think we must have a bigger project. The grumbling being palpable, it's time to reconnect strong and going to win better working and living conditions.

For that, we propose to work in view of May 1st 2021 on three claims linked to issues exacerbated by the crisis current. They are not new, but they are more urgent than never. We propose that these requests serve as benchmarks for autonomous and / or jointly organized direct actions between different organizations by International Women Workers' Day and workers.

Three claims to meet

Minimum wage at 21$ /h

For years and still today, inspired similar examples in the United States and other provinces, many community and union organizations, including us, claimed increasing the minimum wage to 15$ /h.

On the other hand, in the meantime, the cost of living continued to explode and the minimum wage increases decreed by the state Quebecers were as thin as they were insulting. In order to catch up not only lost time, but above all the loss of income caused by deaf ears of our neoliberal governments, the Industrial Union of Workers and Workers requires an increase in minimum hourly wage at 21$ /h, followed by an increase subsequent annual fixed at one dollar per hour.

Why 21$ /h? Because we don't want us content with the minimum to survive, we want to live well! Because in the end, this money is the result of our labor. While the workers and workers, suddenly declared essential, put themselves at risk by full pandemic, the bosses have made record profits on our backs, so nothing more normal that we were going to recover what is rightfully ours.

You have to remember that not everyone works 40 hours per week. We can think of women, to marginalized people or to students who have seen their work income in the last year lower even more than usual, so much to guarantee a capable salary to really provide for our needs.

Rent freeze

October 1 2020, the City of Montreal announces a freeze on property taxes. In ontario, the government has recently declared a rent freeze for the whole year 2021. When the announcement of a rent freeze in Quebec?

While tenants have been suffering for several months loss of income, most of the time they do not have the financial cushion of owners, no investments (home grabbing) which ones are leave to buy food. Adequate housing is a fundamental right. We shouldn't have to juggle feeding, to dress and find accommodation. However, according to the census of 2016, 36,5% tenant households Montrealers spent more than 30% of their income to rent. And the situation is not better in the rest of Quebec, with 33,7% tenants in the same situation.

Even the minimum wage of 21$ would not always be sufficient to offset the constant increase in rents. Proof, the average price of one 4 and a half for rent on Kijiji is now 1032$ per month. This is completely insane! Yes to a rent freeze!

A status for everyone world

Today, the pandemic makes visible to everyone the absurdity of the working conditions of immigrants. While the government publicly qualifies health care workers as the guardian angels of the people of Quebec, behind the behind the scenes he threatens these same people with deportation.

For too long, bosses took advantage of people without status to replace the local workforce better protected by standards of work by vulnerable workers who cannot to complain under penalty of deportation. That's enough!

Like many organizations with which we collaborate already, we require permanent residency status for all who want it, in order to prevent the business class from continuing to divide the working class to better dominate us. This measure is necessary for the rights workers and to promote solidarity with the fight against systemic racism. No to deportations! Yes to a status for everybody!

Why fight and unite now for May 1st 2021?

Because the next few years will not be more generous at the place of our class, unless we get started now. The future budgets will undoubtedly be marked by crass austerity. So we might as well prepare ourselves quickly to resist but also set the tone the most aggressively possible. It is the very foundation of our union thought : a well-organized social class is a dangerous class that can gain its struggles and dictate how to live better!

We are not proposing to create a coalition or an alliance formal, but a network of struggle where we can meet between organizations wanting to fight and help each other from time to time! It will make us pleasure to help you mobilize within your organizations and struggles!

It is on these bases that we jointly invite you to join us on May 1st, in order to shout our anger, to do hear our voices and demand what is rightfully ours. And let it be a springboard to sights, let us say, revolutionary!

To contact the union, here is our email address : [email protected]

Decreased school tax: CAQ wishes a merry christmas to his buddies full of cash

The draft laws to 'standardize' 'school tax arrives just in time for the wealthy Quebec can still spoil a little Christmas. And U.S? Let eats shit.


So far the school tax was included as a fixed rate per region, based on evaluation of a property (residential or commercial). That is to say that in Montreal, for example, Each owner had to pay 0,18 cents per 100$. The owners of a house valued at 300 000$ So some paid annually 540$ to finance the school board of its territory. Over the residence is big, most expensive residence, more one can imagine that the owners have money and therefore the tax bill is high.


Or, These are substantial savings that this new bill introduced on Thursday 6 Last December the National Assembly will do our bosses who will therefore, pay even less tax.


Le Journal de Montreal revealed this week that the Desmarais family, only for his mansion area Sagard, would see its tax bill drop 169 000$ at 57 000$ per year. By including some of their other properties, we talk about a savings of over 146 000$ for the richest family in Quebec.


Robert Gratton, former President of Power Financial (also belonging to the Power Corporation of Desmarais) whose estate is valued at 30,4 millions, will meanwhile his tax bill lightened 25 000$.


Julia Posca, researcher for IRIS, it is a regressive tax that will only serve to widen the imbalance between Quebec households.


Rage and Solidarity,


Nurses in motion

Since last winter, several nurses from all regions of Quebec are mobilizing in theirs middlex to improve theirs working conditions. At last winter, public testimony of a nurse has launched a wave of denunciations, awareness and collective action made by nurses. Theirs claims? L’amélioration quality of work life and quality of life in theirs patient.es. they claim, among others, the end of mandatory overtime (RELEASE), safer-nurse ratios patient.es, access to more care equipment for patient.es.

To better understand thedaily heart, members carers ofOutaouais have published The book Black of Ottawa emergency (2018) wherein found tens testimonies which here are some extracts :

I have trouble looking in the eye my patients and their families and tell them that everything will be fine, unconvinced myself that everything will be fine. (Testimony, p. 13)

Tonight as several other, I put my license work involved. Fortunately, I am vigilant and perfectionist. But, tonight, I was ashamed and I was dissatisfied with the care my patients. I never thought I would have to answer to my patients who ask me to change their soiled panties from 1 hour : "sorry, I will have to return, we are short-staffed, but I promise you that as soon as I 5 minutes, I come to see you "! Seriously, this is unacceptable, I never would treat a family member that way! (Testimony, p. 39)

The manager of the department comes forward with its "expression of compassion" glued to the face (as usual) to ask if we accept to remain "a little 4 this morning " ? He walks past my colleague to talk to him, she expresses her refusal to remain this morning, but insists. My colleague asked me if forced […]. (Testimony, p. 18)

At the emergency, we always helped each, not only as a team, but as a family. Recently, the workload became so heavy that we can not even support us. (Testimony, p. 9)

It's time shout: THAT'S ENOUGH. IT'S NO! (Testimony, p.11)


Unlike many initiatives in the workplace, cette mobilization lifent base; pas trade union confederations, ni des politicen.nes, or of dubious project manager. Nurses take themselves means that their convienNENT to be heard and change power dynamics that affect their profession. Among the different ways they have made, some are illegal, other more artistic, other, offensive. Examples :

-Manifestations locales ofith the support of the population;

-Micro-open and public testimony: Nurses are generally punished when they speak publicly;

-Sit-in to change the quarterfinals against mandatory overtime (illegal);

-Self-denunciation : Nurses have a professional who is technically protect the security of theirs patient.es. They have, hundreds, contacted their order to expose themselves as working conditions endanger patient.es. Thishead action forced their order take positiit publicly in their favor;

Their struggle is an example of what workers can do by themselves, for themselves. We rarely talk about campaigns in predominantly female sectors, or in care jobs, historically lefts Women's. If people findnt the health care protests less strikings or radicals because shes ne brandish no gun to nails by picketing, it nevertheless remains that they make a fight from the base, rooted in theirs middlex. Egirls politicize their daily, take control over theirs middlex working, improve theirs conditions and those of our health system.

solidarity with the nurses, nurses and all health care staff!


Joëlle Dussault

1is November 2018 for Social, the newspaper workers and community workers.


Photo credit: Cedric Martin



The absurdity of the world: Housing

Today, I decided to tell you a little housing, the need for basic shelter, gentrification and real estate speculation. Quickly same, I must admit that it looks extremely interesting LITTLE air, but we will try to make everything a little more dynamic. Let's see what it will give.

To begin, I would like to mention the principle of private property. Indeed, there is a moment in history in which people began to put fences around their lot of land and started saying that it was their property. It's a bit that time, that began to be born the wonderful capitalist system as we know it today with its rules that define something like this ; "At the height of pocket" and "The invisible hand of the market control the law of supply and demand".

previously, we lived in a feudal system, ie a system in which there were lords who offered protection and a lot of land to peasants vulgar in exchange for what might be called different types of taxes : "Taxes on production of the earth that we owe to the Lord", chore days on earth the Lord, Defense lordship in attacks, etc… And the system went on like that hierarchy, with the lords who also had obligations to noble, nobles who had obligations towards the kings, etc ... Then one day, this system is found completely meaningless, since all the charges weighing on farmers and their side, Lords began to accumulate more and more lordships and neglected their obligations to peasants. various revolts (French Revolution, Patriots Rebellion) ended up killing this system and have established a capitalist system in Western societies.

Now I would like to picture it all here thinking its owner making his rounds the pre mier the months to come pick up the rents tenants. First, we will tell, y a-t- it something less pleasant than this time '' awkward '' where the owner comes to pick strutting his due ? And I would like here we mark the ress emblance between the lord who picks his sacks of grain from the peasants and that the owner just collect rents. Do not you think that the resemblance is striking ? And just as in the manorial system, it is quite rare Reus Sir finding a landlord who is fulfilling its obligations to its tenants. I believe that almost everyone who has already had an owner knows what it is when it comes to renovations made by the brother peddler because we will save money or good old "I'll fix that soon, not worry yourself. »

At what point in history, we thought we'd let human basic needs (to dress yourself, to eat, housing) in the hands of capitalists have the sole purpose of making a profit ? When we said we were going to let people speculate about our basic needs ? That's what I find scandalous : People who get rich on the backs of people with stuff that everyone beso in au final. Why do we accept that people make money by selling food to the wasting preferring to raise its value to give to people in need ? When we thought we would parker people in owned buildings capitalist X and would make a profit ?

Short, all that angry at a high level because it brings out the conflict of interest on which base the system in place and I probably reparlerais you in a future column. But let us ask the question about the interests of the parties in the presence. What is the interest of the tenant ? Paying the cheapest possible to have quality housing. Now what is the owner of the interest of building ? Make the most money and how we made the most money ? By having the highest rents and the lowest possible costs. Short, what interest the owner to make repairs quickly, to have clean public areas, to provide quality service to its tenants ? No, unless it allows him to raise more money, but it means that apart luxury buildings where rents allows proprios offer good while enriching Service, this is not the case of buildings in most neighborhoods.

Now, if we continue in this logic, could approach the subject of real estate speculation that has created the phenomenon of gentrification. Real estate speculation is when people buy land or buildings in order to make an investment and thus to enrich. This is something peculiar to capitalism. That meant that the capitalists buy empty buildings hoping only sell them at a better price. It also ensures that while thousands of homeless people sleeping on the streets, hundreds of buildings are empty and have no use other than to be sold for a better price than buying. You think it's normal you ? And especially, do not try to go install a squat in these buildings because you'll quickly get to know the watchdogs of private property in our society, and I named : the police. Fuck that you're not even able to accommodate you, we, we do respect the law of the strongest and we will protect this building empty and useless against your dangerous human interference. Point bar.

Then the sole interest of property speculators is obviously profit. And what better way to raise property values ​​in a neighborhood to maximize profit ? here, where we also comes the phenomenon of gentrification of neighborhoods. Gentrification is when the original population of a neighborhood is driven by the arrival of a new richer class, which increases rents for everyone and pushes the poor and marginalized outside. Let's see this phenomenon from a perspective of a real estate speculator.

Thus for example, the owner of land in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve whose goal is to sell to maximize profit. His land appreciates in value if that surrounds also attacks. So how to appreciate in value to the land ? condos being built in areas where there were rental properties : it drives the poor, who do not have the means to buy a condo and it creates lots of small properties instead of a big, it's therefore increase municipal taxes and the more taxes, more we can pass on to tenants. Then the less poor, marginal and low-end shops, plus the value of the property on the market increases. Mister speculator has every interest in that there is more police and more regulations to drive the marginalized and the homeless neighborhood, because it increased the value of his property more. So that's how our watchdogs of private property, the police, is still involved in this process.

La gentrification, so, it benefits exactly ? In person other than real estate speculators. Point bar. Now, I would like to end this, Is it not time to think of a society where no one can get rich on the backs of the population with basic needs ? Is not it completely immoral to get rich that way ? well, the wonderful world of capitalism, the moral, it does not exist, it is the rich profits that count. Capitalism is the world crosser and crosser be. This is really what we want ? I leave you on that.

In my next column, because everything is in everything, I'll just tell you about a who had not paid his rent and that it had fallen on him in 2012. I speak of Gabriel Nadeau -Dubois, or more precisely these supposed unionists eventually run for office and try to change the system of intérieur.




original content: Live Action
redit Photo: AtlasMedia

17 month lockout at GMC Bérubé at Rivière-du-Loup

It's already been 17 month that employé.e.s home GMC Berube in Riviere-du-loup are locked out and picketed the garage at the rate of twenty hours per week. They were 13 in the beginning, but since, 3 filed their resignation against the arrogance of the bosses, calling it proud old man who must always be right. These are all mécanicien.nes, Workers in the body and préposé.e.s to parts that are now unemployed. These employé.e.s, many have 30 at 35 years of service to the garage and certain.e.s are agé.es more 60 years. Kick out people almost retired and have offered their work throughout these years, never enjoy the appreciation course, is doing in the dirty and greedy. It remains now that gérant.e.s and vendeur.se.s in establishing. For guarantees, the company sends client.e.s Montmagny or in Rimouski.

The collective agreement expired in February 2016. In July, the boss has left five days to decide whether to employé.e.s il.elle.s wanted to '' negotiate ''; or, it was the lockout. To begin negotiations, the boss said: «going to have to lower myself to consent 5,5 % in pension funds and two years of wage freeze, if not, we not lose time discussing. "With the premise that way, there is agreement that the negotiating word comes to take a slap. Basically, he asks them to drop their gains. The reason for this request: it must remain competitive. Sure, The option to lower his own salary was not a but more, the company is already competitive. For exemple, Volkswagon charging $ 99 / hr while GMC Bérubé request $ 94 / hr currently. At the competition aspect, we will return.

Last July, the employé.e.s finally agreed to a wage freeze but not the pension decrease. Thing the boss refused. Result: negotiations have not been included. It is important to remember that the pension fund has already been cut 5% in 2009. after negotiations, il.elle.s had finally accepted to cut their pay 1% per year over five years to keep the retirement fund.

Another return to the negotiating table was scheduled for 28 September 2017. The boss offered two scenarios (always BEFORE starting negotiations):

1- Acceptance of decline 5% the pension fund.

2- We keep the 5% pension funds, but cutting 4% on the indexed salary in year 2016.


We could quickly believe it's four 25 for a dollar. Well no, It's worse! because in 2016, la CSN (representing tou.te.s other syndiqué.e.s dealers in the region) obtained a gain 2,5% salary. This means that employé.e.s GMC Bérubé should lose 4% their salary + the 2,5% qu'il.elle.s did not get compared to other travailleur.se.s the region. We are talking over a pay cut of around 6,5%. Another osti pernicious and dishonest boss. Of course, the union and its members refused and negotiations have stalled.

As il.elle.s are locked out since 15 month, the employé.e.s therefore no longer entitled to unemployment. In September, il.elle.s asked the boss to do back at least to their unemployment stamps. The boss has offered to resume 3 for urgent needs. This offer was refused : It's everybody or nobody. A fine example of solidarity. In terms of other travailleur.se.s car dealers in the region, CSN union at, il.elle.s supported the GMC Bérubé employé.e.s home by a hot dog dinner and a picket of a day to offer more visibility during the summer.

The problem of this conflict is that with the loss of the banner in his GMC another garage in Trois-Pistole, the boss has received a large amount of compensatory money and it has deep pockets for cash a long labor dispute. It is therefore in no hurry to return to the negotiating table.

Because the world of "crossers" is small, imagine that the owner is very thug "chummy chummy" with the car dealers owners Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (Jean Dumas Multiconcessionnaires and Sewing Group). These same bastards who have been locked out more 450 for employees 35 month. Apparently a customary practice

in the middle. Not to mention the use of Scabs. Jean Dumas Multiconcessionnaires at the time had acquired an independent garage to make to its work during lockout. As this is a new facility, it was legal before the law. For GMC Bérubé, poor boss did not afford another garage (in Rivière-du-loup, because of course, he has another in Trois-Pistole). He therefore urged his son to be the Manager garage parts and so be able to continue its operations. He happily lost in court because of strike-breakers use. A beautiful family history stuff : The grandfather used capital, father used an iron hand and the son who serves scab… like what the rotten apples never fall far from the tree.

To finish, it will be interesting to monitor the sewing group has just bought the company ClicheAuto Beauce and leaves to predict the same scenario lockout shortly…


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We do not s'laissera! Near & rsquo; a hundred demonstrators marched in South Central.

Faced with cuts in funding, various Montreal community organizations met
yesterday in order to express their dissatisfaction. A demonstration was organized in collaboration with
l’Quebec Association for promoting the health of people who use drugs (AQPSUD), the Group & rsquo; Intervention Peer (armor) and several comrades SITT-IWW Montreal to show their support and join their voices to those of workers in the sector who have more than enough of
Paulette duty undress to dress stone! in song, the group Union Thugs became megaphone
the cause defended by the day, and the group SOS Roaming was responsible for feeding the hungry-es
who crisscrossed the streets of South Central.

This year, it is the expression of the Street Festival [DO] who paid the price of sharp scissors
Trudeau government, Yet these are not sub missing (500 millions of dollars) for
celebrate, Within a day, the 150 years of the Canadian federation: sad colonial legacy
John A Racist. Macdonald. In keeping constant reductions in the budgets allocated by
various levels of government, workers of GIAP, like other, had
make difficult choices: « in a context where we struggle to maintain our regular services, we
lacked resources to organize the festival. "At the municipal, l & rsquo added; insult to & rsquo; injury by
investing tens of millions of dollars in frivolities such as e formula and & rsquo; d & rsquo illumination; a
bridge rusty bones. We feel that despite its fine words, Mayor does not care much Coderre impacts
the population of its financial choices worthy & rsquo; a king child in a Toys-R-Us for billionaire… It is
Therefore, the 21st edition of FER will not take place in 2017.

The ERF is a tradition, a place of joy but also exchange: one of the few public spaces
where gens.es street can feel included and not hunted by looking security guards
strong emotions. Moreover, this situation is increasingly felt in the lower city with
various projects of '' revitalization '' of public spaces such as the mega project of '' Jardins Gamelins '' which was used to set up a system of social apartheid by forcibly removing access to Place Émilie-Gamelin from homeless people who have always stayed there.

So that's why we took the street, for those who live there, work there and it was heart.
This is also why we believe that as members of the IWW-SITT we must build bridges
strong with all those who struggle daily to ensure the health and safety of
population stigmatized by capitalist governments, bankers, the bosses and the rich
owners. Together we cry: We do not s'laissera!


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Near a thousand protesters for the International Workers Day


For May Day 2017, while the unions sent their permanent es-es and employee distribute leaflets, the IWW as well as numerous groups mobilized for a day of struggle, of working class solidarity and combative unionism. In the program; office occupancy placement agencies, popular meals and demonstration Southern center to Downtown o? ù the police waiting at a halt!

Occupancy of Thompson Tremblay's offices and ManPower Recruitment Solutions

This year the start of the International day of workers has been given at noon for members of the Industrial Workers Union and Workers (SITT-IWW) Montreal and the Workers Association of Temporary Workers of Employment Agencies (ATTAP) who went occupy Thompson Tremblay offices and ManPower Recruitment Solutions, two placement agencies.

Temporary employment agencies specialize in ofoffering a flexible workforce to companies. Essentially, it transforms the boss-employee relationship in a triangular relationship of employer-employee-agency. The agencies allow companies to reduce their production costs by reducing the accounting staff and evasion of payment of benefits and protections of minimum labor standards such as cotisations with EI, insurance in case of work accidents, parental leave, as well as for caregivers, pensions, holidays, etc. They also limit the right to unionize, the right to direct negotiations with the boss to have a collective agreement and the right to strike as a defense mechanism. Victims workers of this process do not accumulate seniority, have no minimum hours of guaranteed work or job security and receive no annual salary increase. Since the disruption of the conference of the ACSESS 5 april 2017, our working conditions have not improved. Our demands remain the same so:

The immediate increase of the minimum wage to $ 15 / hour, obligation to hire the workers by the client company after three months of service, joint responsibility of employment agencies and client companies regarding labor standards and health and safety, the same wage for agency workers and those who are hired by the client company.

popular meal in the Center-Sud neighborhood
Despite the rain, near 200 people who are grouped Médéric Martin Park in the early afternoon. Housed-e-s by the tents of SOS Roaming and warmed-e-s by the food provided by the Coop Café Touski, the members of our dedicated union, but also those of the Mouvement Action Unemployment, Plateau Mont-Royal Housing Committee, the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality, the Association for Student Solidarity Trade Union (ASSÉ), Student Union of Workers of UQÀM, Solidarity Without Borders, Faculty Student Association Sciences Humaines of UQÀM, and various Antifascist group present in the area such as RASH, the Montreal Sisterhood and the Young Guard benefited from this community gathering.

The theme of the day? Enough is enough! While the cost of living is rising constantly, utilities are cutting. Welfare recipients suffer savage attacks. There is the threat of a reform of labor standards who would benefit the employers that awaits us, and to add insult to injury, while unions and community groups are calling for a minimum wage 15$ /h, the bosses and the state answer us : you're onlyUERE more than $ 11.25 / hour.

As if that was not enough, the social climate deteriorates. Racist discourse have vast grandstands. They mistreat the difference. Hate crimes against women, the muslims and LGBTQIA community * multiply. We do not tolerate the spread of hate speech in the medias, workplaces and communities.

Frontenac Metro Protest in Downtown

Eventually joined by pink bloc and anti-gentrification groups of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, is the theme of anti-fascism and the opening of borders rather than inward-be that the event is finally set in motion at 17:40. Fanfare, flags, smoke and fireworks brightened Ontario Street subway Frontenac to the Great Library at Berri-UQAM metro or demonstrators took the streets of downtown in order to join the great event organized by the Convergence anticapitalist struggles (CLAC). If the participants of the latter already had to defend themselves from a first police charge at Place Ville Marie, the arrival of the fascist contingent and syndicalist gave new life to the demonstration continued until past 20 hours in the evening in the streets of downtown.

At the time of publication, there was only one arrest. Our thanks to lawyer's team Desmarais & Desvignes and Ouellet Nadon and associates that united for the legal monitoring of our members.




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IWW be unionized and be self-employed ...

I heard repeatedly questioning about the recruitment of workers or self-employed within the IWW and I would like to respond in part here.

From 1, the syndicates IWW everyone (except bosses among others), as the traveling-e-s, the prisoner-workers are or sex that are student or unemployed workers or does art gen social welfare or even anyone working in a particular industry. So why not also self. Those are, finally, the employee-s system also.

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Seven Myths about Canada Post

posted 30 June 2016 sure rankandfile.ca
Par Doug Nesbitt et And Blood (translated with the authors' permission)

Under the shade of a lock-out or a new strike at Canada Post, employers seeking again to undermine public confidence in the service of public positions by appealing to a disinformation campaign against Workers stations. Here are seven myths about Canada Post that you will hear repeated in newspapers and on TV, around the dining table or on your cigarette break, and politicians and bosses. A version of this document is available (in the original language) as a leaflet or poster. A good way to show your support.
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Half of canadien.nes are 200$ almost did not happen

CALGARY- A recent survey in the month of January suggests that almost half of Canadians are at $ 200 / month for failing to pay their bills and make the minimum payments required to pay off debts.

The poll Ipsos Reid also announced that almost a quarter of 1,582 people contacted are already unable to make their payments.

31% of survey line, carried out between 27 and 29 January 2016 on behalf of MNB Debt, declare, inter alia, that any increase in interest rates could push personal bankruptcy.

Ipsos Reid conducted the survey about a week after the Parliamentary Budget Officer has published a report revealing that Canada experienced the largest increase in household debt relative to income, All G7 countries since 2000.